Monday, October 27, 2008

"Foosball Chicks" Jane Lo Li and Allyssa Yin Yi Scandal..

Their nude pics was all over the web and the malaysia authority has advised other youngster not to record their sex act down...

I am not going to repost those pics here as it is already been posted on the link below..

link here:-

Warning not to distribute lewd materials
SEREMBAN: The Higher Education Ministry has warned students of institutions of higher learning here not to engage in the distribution of materials with sexual content.
A ministry spokesman said students who do could face expulsion from their respective institutions.This follows the discovery of more than 60 lewd pictures and a video recording, reportedly of three college students in Malaysia, on a website based overseas.The website claimed the three -- two women and a man -- were students of a private college in Cyberjaya. The women were said to be a Malaysian and a Taiwanese while the man was said to be Pakistani.The website published the pictures and provided links to other websites where the video could be downloaded.
The website also contains various other sexually explicit pictures and videos which were sent in by "contributors" and also provided a link to the "Budak Jolai" video which was taken by a Felda settler in Gemas in May this year.The website also carries other pictures and videos, allegedly of Malaysian actresses and a politician.Limkokwing University of Creative Technology vice-president for international development, Dr Jayles Yeoh, said one of the girls in the pictures and video had been a student at the institution.He said the girl had done her foundation studies at the university at the old campus and the university was unaware of her whereabouts after she left.Yeoh claimed the girl was not a boarding student and the university was unable to ascertain if she was still a student at the time the compromising pictures were taken.He claimed he had no knowledge of the other two "actors".The ministry spokesman, meanwhile, said action would be taken against students found involved in such activities, including foreign students."You will be expelled and will not be able to further your studies at any private or public higher learning institution."

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