Sunday, October 28, 2007

Club Med Cherating

Went to Club Med Cherating...Not exactly a comfy place to stay in cause most of the room is leaking...i think water came from the air condition hose..My second nite in Club med is the worst..some creature is having snacks under my bed at 3am in the morning..!!! imagine the sound of something clawing and chewing some snacks underneath your bed!!! I call the reception immediately and we change room immediately!The room is also noisy as the next room is a store room. U can hear the employee walking in and out of the store room. Moral of the story..stay away from room M2166.


Pool side..

Pool Side table.

Free flow anyone?

We are a bunch of crazy workers!!!


cherating beach


Monkey Business...

Here are some panorama mode of the CLub MEd..:)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 19-21 Oct 2007

Leng lui... :P

Moto shot..

stay tune..will post more babes photo later...err i mean post more bike photos later.. :P

Friday, October 19, 2007

Posing Index

Most of the time new model dont know how to pose in front of a camera..this is a good web site to show u how.!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Macro shots using Olympus 50mm f2.0

Olympus E-3 Launch

All about E-3

Official Site UK :
Official Site US :

Preview in Imaging Resources :

News About NEW Wireless Flash :

Speed Video Define by a Pro :
Image Quality Video Define by a Pro :
Live View Video Define by a Pro :
Realibility Video Define by a Pro :

Added on October 17, 2007, 3:13 pmOfficial Statement

London, 17 October 2007 – It’s here: The new flagship of the Four Thirds Standard-based Olympus E-System. The E-3 gives photographers a high-performance tool that is primed for any assignment and satisfies the most stringent demands for D-SLR photography. It represents the ultimate choice for the professional photographer and provides the highest levels of speed and image quality as well as Live View capabilities and the ultimate in reliability.

The E-3 features the world’s fastest* auto-focusing speeds thanks to an advanced AF system and new ZUIKO DIGITAL SWD (Supersonic Wave Drive) lenses. Matched with shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th sec. and 5fps sequential shooting (with a 19 image RAW buffer in burst mode), the E-3 gives photographers a crucial edge to help capture that decisive shot.
Ensuring the best image quality in the widest range of situations, this new professional model also incorporates a powerful built-in image stabilisation system which is capable of compensating against the effects of camera shake to the equivalent of up to 5 EV steps. This is complemented by a 10 Megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor and Olympus’ TruePic III image processing engine. Together with the ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses – which are custom-made for the needs of D-SLR photography – photographers can rely on optimal results each time.
Meanwhile, the camera’s Live View capabilities provide the freedom to shoot with more versatility: Whether wanting to keep eye-contact with the subject or shooting above the head or close to the ground, compositions can be framed with ease on the 2.5”/6.4cm multi-angle HyperCrystal LCD, which also faithfully displays the effect of camera adjustments in real time.

In addition to Live View, photographers can also choose to use the camera’s large viewfinder which provides 100% coverage. Like all Olympus E-System cameras, the E-3 incorporates the most effective dust reduction system available – the Supersonic Wave Filter. Reliability of the camera system is further heightened under all types of shooting conditions thanks to dust and splashproof protection of both body and most E-System lenses. Moreover, a shutter life of 150,000 operations guarantees that the E-3 will tolerate the treatment of even the most active photographer with ease.
The Olympus E-3 will be available from the end of November 2007. The body only will be available for approximately £1099, the kit with the 14-54mm lens for approximately £1499 and the kit with the new 12-60mm lens for approximately £1699. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit

Speed – never miss an opportunity
The E-3 boasts the world’s quickest* autofocus system. It is based on a fully-biaxial high-speed 11-point AF system with both horizontal and vertical sensor lines to give a total of 44 different data points from which the correct focus is accurately calculated. In addition, pixel multiplication technologies are used to boost performance in low light (-2EV at ISO 100). Meanwhile, fast shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th sec. provide the ability to freeze action dead in its tracks – no matter its pace. And giving users an advantage over the clock when every second counts, shooting speeds of up to 5fps in full Megapixel mode are possible (with 19 image RAW buffer in burst mode).

Image quality – picture perfect performance
To counteract the effects of image blur caused by shakes, the Olympus E-3 incorporates a highly advanced, built-in image stabilisation system. It is extremely effective and utilises the breakthrough Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD). This means sharper shots every time – no matter which lens is used – and less need to use a tripod as compensation up to 5 EV steps is provided. The IS system features two modes: One for shakes along both the x and y axes, while another stabilises only the y axis – which is ideal for following moving subjects during sports photography.
Significantly contributing to the camera’s excellent imaging performance is the 10 Megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor. Its attributes for delivering high image quality are boosted even further thanks to integration of the advanced TruePic III image processor which improves noise suppression, enhances colour reproduction and enables faster processing speeds. And together with lenses from the award-winning ZUIKO DIGITAL range, the camera returns nothing less than perfect depictions.

Live View – unprecedented control
The E-3 provides photographers with the convenience of a continuous Live View on its multi-angle, 2.5”/6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD. This allows for truly unique shots from the most unusual perspectives, as it enables experimentation with completely new shooting styles. Photographers can do and see more as they needn’t stay glued to the viewfinder. Thanks to the option of LCD magnification of 5x, 7x and 10x, accurate focusing during macro shooting is also made easy. In addition, the effects of Shadow Adjustment Technology (SAT), White Balance and Exposure Compensation can be viewed directly on the LCD in real time: So, what you see is really what you get.

Reliability – exceptional durability
The E-3 also takes viewfinder performance up a notch. Full professional level coverage of 100% plus 1.15x magnification enhances framing ease even when using the eyepiece.
Since the development of the world’s first dust protection system in 2003, Olympus has continuously improved on it so that it still remains the most effective solution available today. The critically acclaimed Supersonic Wave Filter ingeniously protects the High Speed Live MOS sensor from dust and other foreign particles that could otherwise compromise image quality and serves as a symbol of Olympus’ long-standing commitment to imaging excellence.
Its magnesium alloy construction combined with dust and splashproof protection lets the E-3 go wherever the action is: No matter at a rainy football game or on the dusty plains of the Serengeti. The power grip and a wide selection of lenses are equally protected against the elements, thereby considerably reducing the risk of downtime as the E-3 is always ready for the next assignment no matter the conditions. And with a shutter life of 150,000 operations, professionals will really come to appreciate this model’s extreme reliability.

Ideal selection
Naturally, low light doesn’t put an end to shooting opportunities. In addition to the built-in flash (GN13), the E-3 allows wireless control of flash units, such as the new Olympus FL-36R and FL-50R, in up to three groups – enhancing lighting options dramatically.
In addition, the E-3 boasts flawless automatic white balance. This is due to a hybrid detection system which employs a dedicated white balance sensor in conjunction with the image sensor. The combination of colour data from two different sources results in stunningly faithful colour reproduction.

A complete D-SLR system
Adhering to the Four Thirds Standard, the E-3 is optimised for the special demands of digital photography and provides photographers with a superior level of flexibility and freedom. Cross-manufacturer compatibility ensures a future-proof investment that users can rely on. 32 lenses and three lens converters are available to date, including many from the award-winning ZUIKO DIGITAL range, which is designed for the specific demands of digital SLR photography. Furthermore, Four Thirds enables a smaller, lighter lens construction which means photographers benefit from more mobility and control, thus increasing the likelihood of magnificent imaging results.

In addition to the many lenses which include the recently-introduced ZUIKO DIGITAL SWD models for attaining the world’s fastest* autofocus speeds, a wide and exciting range of E-System accessories await professionals looking to customise their photographic experience with the E-3. For flash control without the need for cables, Olympus offers the FL-50R and FL-36R wireless flash units. And for assignments that go into overtime, the Power Grip HLD-4 provides long-lasting battery power and conveniently includes a shutter release button on its side to make the quick capture of shots in portrait format just as simple as landscapes. Two new eye-cups (DE-P3 and DE-N3) are also available to broaden the camera’s dioptre correction adjustment capabilities. Shifting the dioptre either up or down by 3m-1, an expansive total range spanning -6m-1 to +4m-1 is possible. Moreover, the optional FS-3 Focusing Screen provides a grid matte screen in the viewfinder on which the image area is divided into 4 x 6 sections to assist in framing (purchase & installation via Olympus Service Dept. only).

With the E-3, Olympus answers the demand for uncompromising endurance, speed and image quality. This professional D-SLR will commence sales at the end of November 2007.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Make money with the photo that you capture.!

If you just bought a new SLR and want to make some pocket money out of it..just goto
dreamstime and register. You upload your photos there and each time some potential buyers buy your photo, you will get paid..

Old photo from langkawi trip..

Let me post some old photo i manage to dig from my com. This pic is taken in langkawi..

Donald Duck Rape!

Mickey Mouse getting naughty..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Danielle Wedding

Danielle Wedding..will upload more later..

SITI gang..


I just feel bored today..after countless of dota i still feel help help...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My new Turtle house..

I just bought a new house for my 3 baby turtle.. :)

Excited about his new home :)

Checking out the bridge :P

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Macro test using 50mm f2.0

All the pics below taken using Zuiko Digital 50mm f2.0

My coin at 100% crop

This is my new pet..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Macro Test using 40-150mm

All the shot below was taken using E-510 with 40-150mm lens + Hoya +4 close up

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Visa to US

Hmm gotta apply visa to US for my parent..donno to read..

Monday, October 1, 2007