Thursday, April 30, 2009

KLSE morning session mini bull!

30 April KLSE have a mini bull despite the SWINE flu.

AXIATA, SIME, and PBB look interesting enuff..hmm should grab a few lots :P muhahhahaha

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Download Malaysia Maps for Garmin Mobile XT

My friend recommend me this site to download the Malaysia map for Garmin Mobile XT. Highly recommended. The auto rerouting is much more faster than the one in malsingmaps.

so lets the battle of malfreemaps and malsingmaps begin..

KLSE Stock Program for WIndows Mobile

Help i am looking for KLSE Stock Program for WIndows Mobile. Any recommendation ?

Another lady lure to the Dark Side..

Spotted this lady in F1 Sepang 2009. Poor soul..another victim led to the dark side... She was probably confuse with the complicated menu system of her nikon d200.

Poor soul..

Apple iphone anyone!!

(she was probably saying.."very cheap, it is true buy from me..pls.."

Another maxis promoter trying to sell the Apple iphone package...Oh come on it is so damn expensive. Not worth it. Might as well go and get a new AP set..

JT and Andrew

Ops sry for keeping your photo too it is go pass it to your friend :P

Maybank Cyberjaya has the worst counter service...

Yesterday went to Maybank in cyberjaya to do some banking transaction. As ussual get a number and wait for my turn. But wtf..i waited and waited and the queue is not moving at all! Shit! What are they doing at the counter? Chatting? Screw them... Only 3 counter is open at that time and another counter is close..Waited for more than 30 minutes and the same people is still no moving away from the counter!!!

Screw them..and after 30 minutes counter 2 is done and signal for the next customer while counter 1 n 3 still stuck with the same fucking customer after 30 minutes!!!

A bank officer past bye and i ask her why the queue is so slow fact it is not moving at all!!! 30 minutes per turn is just insane..then she say she will check n see..

guess what she went to the counter, look look see see and end up no updates..

I left the bank without doing any transaction cause i cant wait any longer..screw them..if this is the type of service Maybank is giving, i guess their customer will run away from them..

screw u mbb for making me wait for 1 hour for nothing...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Under Utilized Gem!!

These are all my under utilized lens.. hmm must start to think of a new photography project already...

Monday, April 13, 2009

PC Fair 2009 in KLCC Models v2

Shot using Olympus E3 + Leica 25mm f1.4 :P

These girls are different from the last batch of PC fair models, :P

Tziaaa is a favourite girls among my friend. No need to say why, you should have known..

PC Fair 2009 in KLCC Models

Goto Pc Fair 2009 this year in KLCC .... i think the theme this time is storage, storage and rmvb player...

Friday, April 10, 2009

First iso1600 shots after E3 firmware upgrade to v1.4

Here is my first shot with Olympus E3 after the firmware upgrade to v1.4

So far so good. Iso performance in 1600 i think improve..they must have done something to the algorithm quietly.

Olympus E-3 Firmware Ver1.4 Release on 9 April 2009

E-3 Firmware Ver1.4 has incorporated the following upgrade.

Improved the AF operation in firmware version 1.3.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Ipoh Chicken in Sunway!!

Morning Time..fresh tender and juicy chicken is prepared.

Night Time.. new chicken is served to ensure the chicken is always fresh. It is not the case like most chicken rice stall where the chicken is prepared in the morning and sell till nite time.

Located in Rock Cafe food court near Sunway Light Industrial Park.

The ipoh white chicken is superb. A must try. And another speciality of this stall is the curry mee. The curry mee is superb..if you try already and think i lie to can spam my blog!! hahahah ...

Full Metal Alchemist 2 Ep 1

Yes the all time Full Metal Alchemist 2 EP1 is back!!!

The brothers seems to be together again ...cause in the season 1 they are seperated in diff dimension...

Highly recommended movie

WMWifiRouter 1.30 (Build 825)

Ever wonder how to turn your PDA into a wireless access point? well you can install WMWifiRouter 1.30 (Build 825) and it will turn your PDA into a wireless access point. It support WEP encryption.

This software is really highly recommended for Samsung OMNIA users because it works perfectly on Samsung i900 !!

But the price is quite steep i pay EURO 19.99 for this piece of software.. but what todo..there is no internet privacy in the office and this is the next best solution..

My streamyx speed

and here is my streamyx speed. also equally as

Digi EdGe bandwidth Test..

WTF the digi edge is so slow...dinasour age broadband..stay away from DIGI is very very slow..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

F1 Sepang 2009 - The cars!!!

The F1 cars in Sepang 2009. Nothing much to say about the F1 cars..

All picture taken using Olympus E-3 + Zuiko Digital 50-200 f2.8-3.5

Malboro Promoters in F1 Sepang 2009

Here are some pics on the promoter in F1 Sepang 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

F1 Sepang 2009 here i come!!

For a moment i thought i will miss the f1 sepang today. Then luckily last minute i manage to secure a ticket for rm80 at Citrine area..better than nothing...

hopefully i can get good shots there but i think i quite imposible cause that spot is not exactly the sweet spot..


Friday, April 3, 2009

Virus alert about the Win32/Conficker.B worm

Symptoms on Infection

If your computer is infected with this worm, you may not experience any symptoms...If your computer is infected with this worm, you may not experience any symptoms, or you may experience any of the following symptoms:

-Account lockout policies are being tripped.
-Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), Windows Defender, and Error Reporting Services are disabled.
-Domain controllers respond slowly to client requests.
-The network is congested.

Various security-related Web sites cannot be accessed.

More information here:-

More information a bout the virus:-

Prevention in a nutshell:-

-Enable a firewall on your computer.
-Get the latest computer updates for all your installed software, including Security Bulletin MS08-067.
-Use up-to-date antivirus software.
-Use caution when opening attachments and accepting file transfers.
-Use caution when clicking on links to web pages.
-Protect yourself against social engineering attacks.

and the list goes on..

this means a computer system which is poorly design including using weak password, unsafe security policy, no proper security awareness, lack of gateway virus protection and etc contribute to this nightmare...

and if you ask me is this worm easily kill. The answer is no. Why if you ask me?
the answer is simple..a small organization with 50 machines may be able to clean it fast but just imagine an organization with 100-200k Clients. Cleaning it would mean:-

- someone gonna get burn if they acknowledge on the poorly design security system in the network thus creating self denial and reluctance of change to beef up the security system. Admiting themselves that they have design a big loophole is not easy. So politics within an organizaton will prevent a fast remidiation process..

- isolation of infected machine for remediation is difficult. Imagine different machine from different sites and country and worst if the infected machine is running business critical data.

- wrong choice of security product. YEs you are right wrong choise...!! For example throwing multiple security product into a system does not ensure total security . it will only ensure total mess. high conumption of resource alone will kill the operating system. and enabling the wrong function on the machine itself will also determine the fate of the poor pc..for example if you use trend micro officescan, disabling the firewall module will disable network scanning thus making the task of detectin and cleaning the conficker worm automatically useless..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Exploit MS08-067 Using Fast-Track

To those people who have not patch their Windows with MS08-067 hotfix it fast!!!
any tom dick and harry can access your machine with full admin rights.

They can use metasploit exploit readily available on the internet for this.

so go patch before your porn collection is compromise!!