Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wendy photoshoot.

ah manage to find time to salvage another pic from my CF card.. :)

Shot using Olympus E3 + ZD 12-60

Waterlily Photoshoot.

Thanks to cicak for the studio in Aperture Studio.

Model : Waterlily

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pc Fair model 2009

Here are some pretty pics on some of the model in pc fair 2009 held in klcc. This will be my last events shots for year 2009. enjoy...

First Studio shoot in aperture studio

Recently a fren of mine open a studio. invited us for a photoshoot session...It was my first attempt at low key photography... :P

Star Live Concert in Bukit Jalil

The stage

Preparing party gadgets...

Went to Bt Jalil Star Live Concert. The moment of truth came. I would like to see how Olympus Ep1 + Zuiko Digital 70-300 perform in a concert like this. The setup is pretty much mobile. I put Ep1 in one of my pocket and ZD 70-300 in another..Flawless!!

I was standing very far from the stage. with the usual kit lens 14-42 there is no way i can take a pic of my fav singer. But with 70-300 it can make the difference.

Focusing is ok. fast enough for me to capture the action. Low light? surprisingly not an issue.

Kelly Chen doing one of the dance routine.

The setting for EP-1

I was using manual mode. Shutter speed around 1/300 and fx x= watever fastest speed i have. metering = spot iso = 1600

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Olympus Malaysia Service Center Sucks !

i send in my unit to Olympus Malaysia to change the PCB on the HLD 4. However upon receiving back this unit from Olympus Malaysia. I was shocked to see the screw at the bottom look rusty! I was told that my sweaty hand will cause this but i am sure the screw is not in this condition when i send my unit in. And i am shocked that the screw from HLD4 can rust so easily? Isn;t it supose to be weatherseal unit and i expect some sort of quality to the product.

Take a look at the screw here:-

Mr Leong agree to order the screw for me and i know the rusty screw is very subjective and hard to argue. I am beginning to wonder how much such screw cost? would it be simpler if you guys just replace the screw and charge me. I will be willing to pay for it. Furthermore if Olympus Malaysia is generous to organize event such as the EP2 gathering in Selangor Pewter, i cant see why a few screw cant be taken care of..

The gap and scratch mark leave behind when the technician ply open the hld4 is simply can't be ignorable.
The gap is big enough for water drips or moisture to sip in and my question is whether my unit is still weather seal after this service? I am not sure the proper tool is being used or not when they open up the hld 4. Such big gap should not be present in a so call weather seal battery grip unit.

look at the gap and scratch mark leave behind sharp object when the hld4 is being open.

All the photos of my ruin HLD4 is located here. Make sure you click on all size and view at the max resolution to see how bad it is.:-

Monday, December 14, 2009

Storm Warrior II

The new movie Storm Warrior II a sequel from Storm Raider can be consider the worst movie in year 2009. The worst part is it try to copy the combat scene from the movie 300 (spartan) Story line is dull..fightning scene is boring.. arghhh really spoil my mood. Should have spend money on other movie...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Syikin Photoshoot

Model: Syikin
Location: Bukit Jalil
Actually the main thing i am experimenting with there is to use a fl-50R with an umbrealla mounted and a fl-36R as a fill light from behind the model.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 mini review

Performance 5/5
I just install Microsoft Windows 7 on my Celeron desktop and i can say it is superb! The performance of the operating system is much more better than Vista Ultimate.

Installation experience 5/5
Installation is smooth. No error and all drivers is automatically installed.

Application compatibility 4/5

So far all my application like vlc lanplayer, warcraft III works fine.

Virtualization 3/5

I notice Virtual PC 2007 is not supported in Windows 7 but i can install and use it without any issue. However there is some noticable performance issue. The default Virtual XP mode and the new Virtual PC for Win 7 cannot be install on my machine cause it says my hardware dont support virtualization. It sucks. Why cant microsoft learn from Vmware

Media player 4/5

The new media player can play avi/divx file out of the box however i notice some pixelization on some of my movies. I tried with VLc player and the result is the same. I guess it must be some codec issue.

Wireless connectivity 5/5

I can connect to my Belkin wireless AP effortlessly

Dreamscene is disable by default. Perhaps microsoft realize this crappy feature sucks too much processing CPU power. On a high end machine it is not a problem but running dreamscene on a celeron machine will use up to 40% of the CPU power. In Windows 7 the dreamscene feature is replace with a wallpaper changer. U select your photo collection and set the timer to change the pic based on your preset interval.

Aero glass is supported even on my low end shared build in Intel graphic card.

If you have an old piece of hw like me and it struggle to run on Vista, i suggest u downgrade to Windows XP or upgrade to Windows 7. Your life would be much more better.!

Monday, November 30, 2009 is dead.!!

Mininova the site which host thousands of torrent seed has finally come to an end when the court order them to remove all non content based distribution.

Javtalk have the same fate too but more drasticly. The entire site is gone!!

Will the world become a better place without these 2 sites? well let wait and see.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Olympus EP-2 Gathering in Malaysia

We are invited to Royal Selangor Pewter in Setapak for the Olympus EP2 Gathering.(more like a prelaunch thingy)

1. Venue 4/5 (too far)
2. Food 5/5 (the cafe food is superb. Hagen Diaz ice cream. rum + raisin is yummy.)
3. Experience 4/5 (they loan us the EP2 to shoot. too bad no babes to shoot)

My view on Ep2

1. The Diorama effect is superb. Good for photoshop noob like me. Any tom dick and harry cna produce a tilt shift lens effect.

2. The viewfinder is incredible. Very large and crispy. however viewfinder + EP2 make the overall look not cool. I still prefer the ala EP1 overall vintage look.

3. The AF is not improve in any way. I still feel that both Ep2 and EP1 AF speed is the same.

4. Price ?? is a turn off.. You are paying extra for the view finder.

5. The color shift effect is cool too. another nice add on to the art filter


I would not dump my EP1 for the EP2

Disclaimer.:- All image taken using Olympus Ep-2 is using a pre production unit and firmware. So the quality might not be that good. My comment on the AF is also based on this pre production unit. Therefore the final unit might have faster AF or better IQ

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birding with Olympus EP-1

Well i tried out Olympus EP1 + 70-300 for birding. Not too bad actually. The high iso really helps here. Autofocus as usual is slow but you have to anticipate the movement of the bird. But the weight of the EP1 +70-300 is really light.!! it is a very compact setup. Try comparing a D700 + 600mm lens and you will know what i mean. Having say that i does not mean EP1 is better than D700. What i am trying to say is for casual shooter the EP1+70-300 is sufficient. If you are a commercial shooter by all mean get the D700.

Restaurant Key Way in Kota Damansara

Today i try a new restaurant in Kota Damansara. Restaurant Key Way. I order 3 dishes. The "Pai Kuat Wong" is nice. Fish Fillet with Ginger is also ok. But the "famed taufu" sucks...

Food: i rate it 3.4 over 5
Service: 5 over 5 cause it is fast!!
Environment: 2 over 5 (a typical kopitiam restaurant design)