Friday, December 30, 2011

Emma December 2011

I will end this year with my beloved baby girl pictures :)

DCIM 2011

I feel that the DCIM 2011 in Mid Valley Megamall is a failure. Very few booths.very few model..and overall i think it lack originality..every year same thing again and again and the only difference is is getting from ok to bad...

Penang Trip Dec 2011

Everytime i goto Penang..a visit to Kek Lok Si Temple is a must. The Goddess of one of the main attraction there..and of course the fanmous Assam Laksa stall below the Kek Lok Si temple is also one of the reason why i go there :P

Thursday, December 29, 2011

KL Bird Park with Olympus E3 and Zuiko 70-300mm

I must say that the Olympus E3 SLR is just like an extinct species...if you ever get caught using this SLR , people will give you the staring look, wondering how come this guy still using Olympus SLR!!

Anyway i went for a walk in KL Bird park with my trusted Zuiko 70-300mm lens. I did not use a tripod nor do any special preparation this time because this is my family outing with my 7 months old baby Emma!

hmm just a tips for beginner who like to take picture of birds too..

1. Use high iso such as 400 or 800 if you need to. It really depend on the weather! If it is a bright sunny day, you can always get away with iso 100 or 200
2. Use fast shutter speed. Let say if you use 300mm which is like 600mm equivalent cause Olympus is need to set the shutter speed to 1/300 at least. You can try 1/100 to 1/200 but you need to turn on the Image Stabiliser. Shutter speed = 1/Focal length

thats all folks !
Enjoy the pics..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Olympus Photography tips is Apple iTune Appstore!

There is a neat Olympus software where you can download fro Apple appstore.


Experience Olympus image quality through the photography of Olympus camera owners. The GetOlympus App from Olympus America features beautiful, high-quality user-submitted photography from Olympus users in America and Canada. Check out the photos and read the “behind the shot” stories to be inspired to create your own spectacular images.

What's New in Version 1.60 - Added thumbnail index view- Added new Special Offers sources- General performance improvements

Software to edit Olympus ORF aka RAW file

You can use a software call Olympus Master 2 to open ORF file or RAW file taken from Olympus PEN or SLR. You can also use this software to do a lot of simple photo editing stuff.

You can download it here:-

RAW Codec for Olympus E3 / EP2/ EP3 and other PEN series

If you shoot RAW using your Olympus camera, you would not be able to view it in your computer unless you install the RAW codec. RAW stands for unedited content when you capture using your camera..

You can download the RAW codec from here:-

Select properly, by default choose the 32 bit unless your OS is 64 bit then select 64 bit version..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Introducing the new 3D HP LED monitor. The HP 2311gt 3-D monitor delivers the ultimate 3-D experience in an ultra-slim 23-inch LED backlit display. It gives you Full HD cinematic experience. Immersive 3D Gaming, and the most useful feature of all is the ability to converts 2D to 3D . But of course all the live conversion is perform by your computer!

The 23-inch HP 2311gt LED backlit 3D monitor uses Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, offers native 1920×1080 resolution, comes bundled with 2 pairs of passive 3D glasses, Cyberlink PowerDVD software bundled to offer 2D to 3D video conversion and playback as well as DDD’s TriDef Ignition software for playing games in stereoscopic 3D format.

I use this monitor mainly with my Alienware M11x. And the CPU on the M11x isn;t really great. It can play all the usual MKV or other video files but at full HD such as the Avatar 3D Bluray Rip with 18GB + size, the video will lag/jerk/stutter. I guess the OS is not smart enought to use the CUDA technology from the powerful graphic card for video decoding! But luckily NVIDIA gives me a good temp solution. Download the beta GPU driver 290.53-notebook-win7-winvista-64bit-international-beta from NVIDIA website and install it. Somehow after installing this beta driver, i can play all video files smoothly including those FULL HD 3D movie! Great news isn't it?

And another thing to add on is the viewing angle is great. I dont need to sit right in the middle to get the 3D experience.And the glass which use FPR technology is cheap too unlike those active shutter 3D technology which require super GPU and expensive glasses.

1920x1080 1080p resolution !
3D Backlight LED

I would recommend this monitor to all 3D lovers..definitely a must especially if you have other 3D device like HTC EVO 3D and loves to watch 3D movie.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Day

Yesterday was a fun day..old , young all gather under the same roof to have a peaceful dinner.. This is heaven on earth.. Money cant buy all this happiness. The memory will be in my mind forever.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Office Politic 101

Office is like a warzone. It is a dog eat dog world out there.. Is either you survive or you will be escort to the exit door. Thanks to office politics!

I would like to share a few sentences which you can use to save your ass at your work place..

1. If people ask you to volunteer for a job. You dont want to do it but your also want to show your boss you got team work...what should you say???
Solution: Tell them this - " I volunteer for this task, i am willing to help but i am fairly new in this so i would require assistant on this. Furthermore i am busy with existing task at hand and would only be able to spare 2 hours for this task!"
Explantion: 2 hours is just good for a kick start meeting! It is another way of saying goto hell i am not going to help you.

ok to be continue....i am hungry now..need to go for dinner...stay tune for the next episode of office politic 101