Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coconut Flower Restaurant @ Teluk Gong, Port Klang

It;s been a long time since i visited this seafood restaurant. The famed Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. They are famous for the fegmented coconut liquer/brew which gave name to their restaurant. Last time you can get cheap seafood here but now it has been commercialized. So forget about cheap seafood. The price is the same as PJ or KL area.  The road that lead to this restaurant is also tar road , you have to pass through a series of untar road to reach this restaurant.

The atmospehre is good. It gives you the ala vacation like feel. With the attap roof and mini huts it makes u think you are in the resort kind of feeling.

Food quality is acceptable. It is not super nice/tasty nor do it taste bad. There is nothing to shout about. What is special is there do have quite a variety of fish sold your average meal can be super expensive or cheap depending on what type of fish you order. Crab price is pretty standard here which is seasonal pricing similar to pj or kl area.

Address: Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, 702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor. Tel: 03-31341218