Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ipod shuffle 2nd generation vs ipod shuffle 4th generation review !

Ipod shuffle 4th generation - the latest offering from Apple launch on Sept 2010

Ipod shuffle 2nd generation

I still remember when i first got my ipod shuffle from my company as a gift to a company event. My first impression is like wow so small..very minimal design

1. The ipod shuffle 2nd generation come with a usb ipod docking station cum charger. they remove the docking station in ipod shuffle 3rd and 4th generation.. Instead the latest ipod shuffle just have tiny usb cable. what a shame. A lil longer usb cable wont hurt.

2.Earphone from apple is very basic and if you want to listen to the full potential of what ipod shuffle have to offer, use a better earphone. In my case swapping over to use the ipod shuffle with Klipsch Custom-1 and Fiio e5 Amp make the sound of my Mp3 go alive... Well even without the fieeo E5 amp you should be able to spot the difference.

The Control.
1. The 4th generation feature the comeback of the same control use it 2nd generation ipod shuffle. This is a blessing because in ipod shuffle 3rd generation they remove the control on the device and instead have to rely on the remote control that is bundled together with the earphone. This is stupid cause let say i would to use the ipod shuffle with another earphone i would not be able to control anything on the ipod shuffle.

2. The new feature which feature voice notification of song and battery is what really new in the latest ipod shuffle. Apple did not include any LCD to display song title or tell you how much battery life is available. So in the previous ipod there is nowhere to tell. Apple ipod shuffle 3rd generation has this voice feature but they remove the control button on the device. Apple ipod shuffle 4th generation has the right combination. A fusion between the 2nd and the 3rd.

3. Press the voice button twice and it will report the battery isn't it!
Press the voice button once and it will tell you the name of the song and singer
Press and hold and it will tell you the playlist song name and artist.

1. From the picture above i think u get the idea how small is the 4th compare to the 2nd generation ipod shuffle.

Sound quality
1. I would say the image quality do improve compare to the 2nd and to the average joe this improvement is hard to tell.

2. However if you want to hear the full potential of this player then you must ditch the original earphone which come with this ipod shuffle. Use a better earphone. It really make a me.

The latest offering from Apple is definitely the best ipod shuffle ever produce with all the right combination. I guess the Apple designer is really listening to the customer feedback. At rm175 from Apple store in Malaysia i guess it is the cheapest Ipod for people on budget like me..:)

What i really like is the size. I never fancy bringing large mp3 players around cause it will be a burden when i travel. But the shuffle is just so portable and small.

Go get one you wont regret it.

All the images taken using Olympus PEN E-P2 with Zuiko digital 50mm f2.0

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome to the Razer L33T Giveaway.!!

This is what razer mention on their site...

Quote: "It's not just one person who's going to be benefitting from this madness. 1,337 Razer L33T Packs are available to be won. That's quite a fair bit to go around and it's easy to snag one. To stay fair to all participants - we pick winners randomly. "

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My Wedding Picture

I come across my wedding pic taken 3 years ago..time pass very fast...din realize it is more than 3 years already...thanks god we are still loving each other very much..and i hope to stay that way 4va..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What i ate last weekend...

Went to New Paris restaurant behind ss2 petaling jaya..who say a good dish need to include crab and shark fin soup...the usual kampung style dish is still my favourite...

ok i side track a bit..all the photo taken by using Olympus E-P2 and the kit lens 14-42mm using iso 1600...yes thats rite.. ISO 1600 !!!!

I dont understand with all the better and high iso hype on the latest Olympus E-5 camera. If i can produce usable image at iso 1600 with my rm3300 E-P2..why would i spend another rm5k to rm6k just to produce high iso usable image? Other than that the AF is not a quantum leap from my existing Olympus E-3..Therefore the temptation to go and purchase the Olympus E-5 is very low...however on the other hand the Panasonic GH2 is very tempting.....i might consider to get the GH2..

Best Curry Mee in this world...

I would say this is the best curry mee i have ever eaten....a lot of hawker stall sell food in the name of profit..they cut on the cost by using cheaper ingredient..but my mom never compromise on that and always use the best ingredient she can find..and the most important thing of all is..she cook it with love..the love to create good food...not like most people who cook just for the sake of cooking...

whenever i was at my mom stall..a lot of customer ask me the curry mee good? i would reply..i give you a full refund if you dont like it :)

and the curry mee is also the reason why every now and then i will stop by at glenmarie shah alam :P

What is Love...

I always ask myself..what is love..what is more important than money...what is the purpose of life..and where is the beginning of my life..well the answer is all here...