Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0 428 Duduk Bantah 28 April 2012

I would like to share my Bersih 3.0 experience with you guys all there. Why i attend it? Well the reason is obvious, to document this historic event in photographs.  Will i gain anything? Maybe yes and maybe not and if not careful i could have been killed in action too! It all started at Subang Jaya KTM station. It is packed like Sardine can food. Everyone was pushing each other to get into the train the Malaysian way...nobody queue up. The old and women with children will suffer.. Basically my first mission of the day is to get to Jalan Sultan by public transport cause most of the major road heading towards there are closed.

I try to travel light but end up with 2 bags, one to carry my extra stuff such as mineral water, cookies, IC, money, towel, salt etc..and another one for my Olympus OM-D camera. So in short i travel "heavy"

 When i reach there, the Royal Malaysia Police all acted "calmly". They did not beat us or scold us. They just stand in line parading. Heck i even get to take photo with them. It was very peaceful. No violance. So i say to myself, this is not so bad. It is a peaceful demostration indeed.
 Jalan Sultan at around 10-12pm is very calm. It was like a fiesta. With different groups coming together to voice out their "concerns". One of them that i never heard of is Selamatkan Bumi Pengerang, where they claims the goverment is reclaiming the land from a bunch of fisherman to build the world largest petrolchemical plant which is as hazardous as the Lynas project. In short this is like another Lynas project. For more info goto Bumi Pengerang
I also notice another group of people in green shirt which protest against the setting up of Lynas factory in Malaysia.
 I find it funny that people choose V for Vendeta as their mask in this demo. We are peaceful people..we dont bomb goverment buildings to protest against something like V for Vendetta!
 Bersih 3.0 banners on the road with supporters "posing" for photographers!!
 Jalan Sultan is full of "Yellow Man". You can really see a lot of people from different race and places. This is so 1 Malaysia.
 The organiser told us that the road to Dataran Merdeka is blocked. So we sit here instead to Duduk Bantah. No water canon and tear gas "yet". Mind you the weather is damn hot. The road is burning! and yet these people still sit on the road. Respect!
 People Mountain, People Sea...all full with yellow man.,
 I have never seen Jalan Petaling so crowded before. We march from Jalan Sultan to Jalan Petaling and then stuck here again. Same reason, road block everywhere..

 These are the other Stop Lynas group.  Very easy to spot them. Green people!
 I think this uncle have the best mask of the day :) He is like sort of a hybrid hero both representing yellow and green.
 All of us walk together, every little step closer to our objectives.
 This is where the journey ends. We all stuck at HSBC building and is not able to proceed any further. So most of us just sit here for duduk bantah. Singing Negaraku and chanting "hidup rakyat, bersih bersih thingy..."

 In the midst of chaos i find this interesting uncle which i name him uncle bersih playing a violin. This is his way of sending peaceful messages to the public. I find this beautiful. The crowd is certainly impress by this "street musician"
 Hours has passed and we are still stuck there. The sun is burning some of us take shelters outside the shop houses.

 When i first walk to the frontline of FRU taking photos, i say to so peaceful, no violence.
 Heck i even go closer to take photos even i risk getting beaten up..
 But then something fishie happen...The FRU move back and the BOMBA car move in with a lot of reinforcement. No warning and they start firing water canon and tear gas at us! WTF...why why..there is no confrontation chaos..why police fire at fact i was at point blank..i am drench with chemical waters and my eye burning due to the tear gas..F them...
I was force to retreat..but i am quite dissapointed at the way police handle this situation, they could have give us a warning and asked us to move back before firing those unnecessary gas and chemical water at us!!.. i retreat back to KTM at 4pm and i call it off for the day.. My mission is accomplish.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Olympus OM-D Dramatic Art Filter

Do you like the Olympus Art Filter? i certainly do. It transform the pic into an interesting pic. this photo is capture at 6pm afternoon and the lighting and dark sky certainly do not help. Lucky i recall the famous Dramatic Art filter and decided to give it a try. To my surprice it turn up pretty neat. Best of all i dont need to spend a lot of time to photoshop and get this effect. It is straigh out of the camera! Photography is so enjoyable now..

A trip up Penang Hill Day 2.

Day 2 in Penang. I have decide to visit a place which is Baby friendly! After much consideration i selected Penang Hill. I am sure Emma will love the cold weather, nice scenery and enjoy the flora and fauna.

As usual i will take this oppurtunity to test out my new Olympus OM-D. Alot of people complain about the ergonomics and on the contrary i kinda of this the ergonomic is good.! In fact just perfect for my small hand. The light weight certainly help my new parents like me when i have to carry a papa bag and the camera bag as well.

I did carry the Olympus 45mm f1.8 with me but i find it most of the time i will use the kit lens 12-50mm. The kit lens is certainly a versatile lens with its wide focal length, from wide angle to medium tele range.

1.0 This is where it all begin. Penang Hill Cable car ride at Ayer Itam.

2.0 The cable fast like a sport car. Expect a speedy ride. My initial impression of a slow and steady enjoyable ride is devastated when the cable car just rush uphill like a sport car on steroid.. i prefer the old and steady way..
 3.0 The ticket i think cost rm8 for local.
 4.0 A walk to the calbe departure area.
 5.0 Phew my bb finally reach the top...I think she is a lil bit confuse.
 6.0 Climb Penang hill project?
 7.0 This is my first macro with OM-D and 12-50 mm lens in macro mode.. Not bad for an all rounder walkabout lens...
 8.0 Another macro using the kit lens..damn this lens is good and versatile
 9.0 My baby is active.. After all how often you can play on top of a cannon!

10.0 This post box stand is very old. Most probablu Mr Bean has one in his house too!

 11.0 Carnivourous plant..dont put your finger in will bite!! nah just kidding...
 12.0 This is Bunga Raya, Malaysia national flower which is kinda of rare in Malaysia.. I hardly see one nowadays..
 13.0 This is the view from one of the restaurant of top of the hill. It is based on English theme kind of Restaurant. Where you can have a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery.
 14.0 Emma enjoying the scenery! Actually she is staring at all those flying birds.!
15.0 Bumble Bee 

Penang Day 1 Casual Walkabout

iso6400 23m f5 1/25sec 

It was already very late at 9-10pm after my dinner...So me and my 2 bb stroll along Jalan Burma in search of more nice food..however our mission fail because on sunday a lot of stall is closed! However i manage to test my new Olympus OM-D camera..yeah time for high iso test..!! Surprisingly ISO 6400 is very usable compare to my Olympus EP2 and E3. Well how can i compare them cause the technology is years apart..But what is worth mentioning here is OM-D allow m43 and 43 users to experience shooting at high ISO where previously this is a taboo or forbidden area for 43 or m43 users~!
 iso6400 12mm f3.5 1/50 sec
iso6400 12mm f3/5 1/60 sec

Penang Food Hunt. Day 1.

I reach Heritage Hotel at Jalan Burma around 6pm..First thing i do is to hunt for food withing the walking distance~! I manage to find one restaurant with foreign worker selling prawn mee. I think he is a Burmese. Anyway i just give it a try and was surprisingly good and freaking cheap..It just cost me rm2...yes RM2!!!!! But dont expect big prawn in it due to the price tag...

OM-D ISO3200 f5.8 1/60 sec

The char keoy teow in Penang is pretty much standard. A lot of people will tell you lorong selamat has the best char keoy teow but in actual fact..90% of them taste the same..

 OM-D ISO3200 f6 1/50 sec

Emma first trip to Penang..

It was a beautiful sunny sunday and this is Emma first trip to Penang Island. She is very excited about this trip :)

1.0 Emma stop by at KFC

2.0 Oh yeah KFC is finger licking good!

3.0 We travel late and reach the Heritage hotel at Jalan Burma at 6pm. It was quite dark. Within hours the sun set and the night come to life..time to hunt for food!!