Sunday, December 28, 2014

Overprice Iphone screen protector in GM Klang Wholesale City

My recent visit to GM Klang Wholesale City is a nightmare. What turn out to be a joyous occasion turns out sour when my a salesman (Thomas Chen) or perhaps the owner of Zentech Cash and Carry located at lot 134-3rd floor sells an Iphone 6 + Glass-M screen protector at RM135.

Yes i know it is my bad for not doing research before buying the screen protector but i thought isn;t a wholesale center suppose to sell thing cheaper and not 100% more expensive??

GLASS-M case at USD20 Free shipping!! Even Glass-M site itself is selling at just USD20 free shipping.

So my advise is stay away from this conman and con shop to avoid being con by evil seller.