Monday, December 31, 2012

Colorfly C3 24 Bit Portable Music Player Review

 Colorfly C3 24 Bit Portable Music Player Review (Not a Professional One!)

Specification: Chips: DAC: TI PCM1770
Output: 3.5mm
PO interface a Screen: 0.82 inch OLED screen
Data Transfer: USB, support TF card expansion
Capacity: 8GB
The audio formats are supported:
WAV :32-48KHz 8-24bit FLAC :32-48KHz 16bit
APE :32-48KHz 16bit MP3 :8-320Kbps WMA :8-448Kbps
Audio Performance: THD + Noise Ratio >97db
Frequency Range 22Hz-20Khz ± 0.5db Dimensions: 80 * 50 * 9.9 mm   

This 24 bit portable music player caught my attention recently because of its price / performance factor. I am looking for a music player which sound better than the ipod or iphone and can support 24 bit music and sound neutral. Most importantly it should not be very expensive and have good battery life.

1.Build and UI The build is very solid. Made from entire aluminium cast with a touch screen navigation. It feels solid and heavy in my hand. I have to admit the screen is a little tiny. The User Interface or UI is very straight forward. You do not need to read the manual to figure out how to use this thing. good thing is it do support swipe to lock and unlock. Hold the menu button and you will activate the hidden menu where you can choose the EQ for this player. I will go into this later. 2.

2.Sound Quality

The sound quality is good. But how good is good? Well i am not so good in literature so i can t use bombastic words to describe it. But if i have to choose one word. It is neutral and smooth. You can listen to it for hours without fatigue. Players like Hippo Biscuit have that kind of warm on stage feel but this C3 is completely a different beast. It is very neutral and transparent. So if i were to listen to music with lots of vocal and ochestra i will choose C3 anytime.

I will use a simple grading system to describe the Sound quality from Bad, Normal, Good, Very Good

High = Good
Mid Range = Very Good
Low Range/ Bass = Good

Remember i told you about the EQ setting in the menu. Selecting the Rock preset will turn this player from a neutral tone to more brighter tone. You will perceive to hear more clarity which turn the High from Good to Very Good! Bass is defnitely there but this is not a boomy player. There is no bass boost button and the BASS preset in the EQ will only make things worst. To me it is not an issue as i dont like bass heavy player. But when i need BASS i will pair this with my Fiio E11 portable AMP and it will bring this player to another level!!

 3. Storage and Memory

Alot of people is happy with 4GB or 8GB storage but you know 24 bit audio takes up lots of space! But luckily this player support micro SD card. So this is a good thing unlike Apple and even Samsung for not giving the user the option to use external memory card. If you are from Malaysia you can get this unit from me at:- Buy from this Lowyat Forum

4. Summary

At only RM360 for the 8GB version it is definitely a value buy for such a high quality portable music player. Hear it to believe it!

 Highly Recommended!

This is the Sound Garden custom made silicone case for C3

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 IOS 6.0.2 Update Issue

Recently Apple launch IOS 6.0.2 to supposely fix the WIFI issue. However after i update to IOS 6.0.2 i notice there are a few bugs:-

1. I cant get good signal even though i am outdoor. A nokia phone on the similar spot would get 4 bar but i would just get 1 or none occasionally.!!!!

2. When using data on 3G the phone will get very very hot!!!

3. Battery life is as bad as IOS 6.0.1

Hopefully Apple technical team realize this and fix it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Microsoft's Hyper-V in Windows 8

Install Windows 8 and you also get Microsoft's Hyper-V, enabling you to create and run virtual machines (as long as you're not running in a virtual machine already). Launch OptionalFeatures.exe (press Windows Key and R and type it in to run), check Hyper-V and click OK to enable the feature. Then switch back to the Start screen, scroll to the right, find and click on the Hyper-V Manager tile to begin exploring its capabilities.

Command line for quick shutdown and hibernate Windows 8

This command is to perform a quick shutdown on your windows 8
shutdown.exe -s -t 00

This command is to perform a quick hibernate on your windows 8
shutdown.exe -h -t 00

Windows 8 key shortcuts

  • Win : switch between the Start screen and the last-running Windows 8 app
  • Win + C : displays the Charms: the Settings, Devices, Share and Search options
  • Win + D : launches the desktop
  • Win + E : launches Explorer
  • Win + F : opens the File Search pane
  • Win + H : opens the Share pane
  • Win + I : opens Settings
  • Win + K : opens the Devices pane
  • Win + L : locks your PC
  • Win + M : minimises the current Explorer or Internet Explorer window (works in the full-screen IE, too)
  • Win + O : toggles device orientation lock on and off
  • Win + P : switch your display to a second display or projector
  • Win + Q : open the App Search pane
  • Win + R : opens the Run box
  • Win + U : open the Ease of Access Centre
  • Win + V : cycle through toasts (notifications)
  • Win + W : search your system settings (type POWER for links to all power-related options, say)
  • Win + X : displays a text menu of useful Windows tools and applets
  • Win + Z : displays the right-click context menu when in a full-screen app
  • Win + + : launch Magnifier and zoom in
  • Win + - : zoom out
  • Win + , : Aero peek at the desktop
  • Win + Enter : launch Narrator
  • Win + PgUp : move the current screen to the left-hand monitor
  • Win + PgDn : move the current screen to the right-hand monitor
  • Win + PrtSc : capture the current screen and save it to your Pictures folder
  • Win + Tab : switch between running apps