Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StarCraft II - Wings Of Liberty SEA Edition -Unboxing

Today is a bad day..i am stuck with bad throat infection, ulcer, migraine, running nose and cough. See doctor sleep for whole day.,.then when darkness fall the darkside remind me of something.,.yes today is the starcraft 2 official launch in malaysia!
I quickly search the internet on where i can purchase it..The curve, All IT and basically all the game shop..but wait..do they have stock?? Well most of them do not stock up much...they told me all sold out already by noon cause mostly preorder..

Determine to be the first few who obtain SC2 i try my luck in Submit USJ after my dinner. When i reach there..it was like my dream come true. SC2 is everywhere..but but wait...whats the catch?? that right they are selling at rm268 !!! yes rm268 where everywhere else is selling at rm248 and some even get as cheap as rm210 from lowyat.net
But i was like fuck it..i just need to have one..dont mess with a determine very sick man who want to play SC2!! So i bought it,.,they manage to give me a free starcraft 2 free dog tag and 2 poster..1 giant and 1 small..The T-shirt is ok cause i dont like it..it was ugly..yeah ugly,..ugly..

Basically these are the pictures of the Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty - SEA Edition Pictures
Basically the content includes :-
1. Starcraft II quick guide
2. 4 guess card for WOW and SC2
3. Installation CD
4. The box itself..
Picture taken using Olympus E3 + Zuiko Digital 12-60 + FL-50R Flash..Dont tell me the composition sucks or anything about photography,..i dont bloody care..i just wanna see the SC2 intro and cut scene!!

Yeah this are the pre-order freebies that come with the Starcraft II !! Just kidding..it is just my wife favourite food.

Installation process is very long..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bon Odori in Matshushita Sport Complex Shah Alam 2010

Not knowing about what is bon odori i went the Matshushita Stadium Shah Alam. I was told by my friend that it will be full with japanese cultural event. When i reach there the crowd was crazy!!! A lot of ppl join this event but i would say 80% of them are first timer like me not knowing what to expect and what to do in this event..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Manage to catch this butterfly or was it a moth..or butterfly..? who cares..some say the spirit of the dead transform into a butterfly to visit their love one..that is the reason chinese elders always tell their kids not to kill these butterfly when they see one..

Restaurant Jln Sultan Hainan Chicken Rice Sucks

Dont let the char siew below fool you!! it is very hard to chew..meat not tender..wtf!!!
Equine park hawker stall chicken rice is better than this..

When i was on a food hunting activity, i discover this restaurant. I love Hainan chicken rice so i give it a try..The restaurant is obviously very new. As you can see the price is very expensive compare to your typical chicken rice stall at any restaurant.

The BBQ pork is too hard to my liking...is like chewing on wood. The meatball is tasteless..luckily the white chicken is ok. But if i compare the white chicken with the usual white chicken stall in Equine Park Jusco there..i dont feel there is much difference..in fact the Jln Sultan Chicken is bloody overprice just like the Meng Kee Restaurant..

My verdict..stay away unless you got nothing else to eat or just go to any hawker stall..they serve the same stuff and cheaper.So dont waste your time going to this restaurant..

Anyway this restaurant is located at Subang Jaya USJ

total damange to my wallet:-

white chicken for 1 person rm3.80 (not including rice)
BBQ pork for 1 person rm4.50 ( not including rice)
Herbal Tea rm1.50
Meat Ball Soup rm4.00
Rice for 2 rm2.40

Total 16.20

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ultimate Wireless Network Which Support HD Streaming

This is a follow up review on my project.

Equipment require for this project.

1. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH
2. TP Link 8616 ADSL2+ modem
3. A portable 2.5 USB HDD 360GB

Additional equipment require

3. TP link WN821N


Ok first let talk about the wireless router cause that is the heart of the high speed wireless router..

Buffalo has announce that they are going to relese a DD-WRT firmware for this model but it is nowhere to be seen. Fear not. go get it here:-

Why dd-wrt firmware ? cause the stock firmware sucks..that why..

You can goto Here.. to download this buffalo_to_ddwrt_webflash-MULTI.bin

After you have download that file just flash it by going to the default buffalo firmware administration page -> Update -> select local file -> and choose the firmware you have just downloaded. During this process do not interrupt it till it is finish. You can know it is done or not by looking at the buffalo router diag led..if it is red blinking..then dont touch it..if it is notred blinking means it is completed..

Wireless Speed:

Well this depend on what wireless card you laptop or pc is using. If all run on N wireless card which my Alienware m11x have..then you will get a 300mbps wireless network. And if it detect one of your card is running on wireless G then it will downgrade toi 54mbps wireless network. Put it this way you need all wireless adapter to run on N mode to get high speed.,

For optimum performance you need to run at WPA2 -> AES encryption.. The higher security level you put the less speed you get. It impact the speed of your wireless network and also the range.

Summary on why i choose this wireless AP.

a) have USB port to support NAS. (ntfs not supported but you can use XFS to support large file)
b) all GIGA ethernet port including the WAN port
c) 300 mbps
d) support dd-wrt firmware and future model actually all ship with this firmware
e) support DLNA
f) support torrent without PC
g) price..only cost rm250+-
h) slim form factor
i) wireless range is good

The modem TP Link 8616 ADSL2+ modem

You do not need a powerful modem..Just find the cheapest modem you can find on the market. Right now TP link is my best choice cause it is cheap and reliable..Yeah hear me here.,.it is reliable and this lil baby come with a 4000V lightning protector.

TP link WN821N

This usb wireless N network card work great for its price.. What else could you ask for..it is only rm59

It support windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

Actual performance..

The graph below shows you what is the actual thoughput when i am streaming the movie Avatar 1080p HD movie from laptop A to laptop B . I am also downloading from utorrent with an average 40 to 160kbps (this depend on the seeds)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Left4Dead2 on Alienware M11x

Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg
48 827 58 58 58.041

These are the results i get from Left4Dead2 on Alienware m11x..

Averaging at 58fps is very good i would say..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Selling car in Malaysia

Here is a piece of advice i would like to give to people in malaysia who sell their car via second hand car dealer in malaysia. Most of the seller do not know that when they sell their car to the second hand car dealer they just sign a car ownership transfer document but..most of the time the second hand car dealer will not goto the JPJ and change the ownership if the car is still not in their posession..so if the car is not sold let say withing 2 years and if the car is being used to rob a bank...dont be surprise if the police give a ring to you..

so beware..

Security Guards In Malaysia.. .

Here are some interesting facts you should about security guards in Malaysia.

1. Most of the security guards you see at the condominium or shopping complex are foreign workers from Myanmar or even India and 99% of them do no speak English or even Malay,. so if you are in trouble dont bother communicating with them cause it is like talking to a wall. Yeah when being investigated or interview the REAL security guard will come out and talk..(they do have PR too!!)

2. The scope of work of those security guard you see in condominium and even shopping complex does not include the need to save a dying person, or a person being rape or rob or another person beaten up. what the need to do or in fact contracted to do is to report the incident to the royal malaysia police. They are not obliged to save you when you needed them most. So let say a security guard look at you when you are beaten up and dont help you..dont bother sueing them cause it is ok for them to do so in malaysia..cause their scope of work only require them to report to the police..they dont need to get their hands dirty..

3. They look smart, they look legal..but are they qualify? I would say 90% of the security guards would not know how to do CPR or even have basic training in case of emergency. I doubt their intergrity has been check too. The security guard in my condominium would even dare telling me he is broke and ask me to give money to him everytime i pass the boom gate. wtf!!

Alienware m11x running at 300mbps Wireless!!

With a lil bit of tweaking i manage to hack my Alienware m11x to run at 300mpbs N speed using the default wireless adapter...Well of course your AP have to support N 300mbps to achieve this speed..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The search for the ultimate wireless router...

After spending hours doing research i bought the following item to setup a wireless N access point with NAS , off torrent capability:-

1. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH
2. TP Link 8616 ADSL2+ modem
3. A portable 2.5 USB HDD 360GB

The reason i choose Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH is because it can support DD-WRT custom firmware..

The speed test reveal that my speed has increased!! well i dont know is it because of the custom firmware or the Wireless AP just kick ASS.!!

There is a USB port on the buffalo AP. It can connect to a USB HDD and become a NAS (Network Attached Storage) The downside is it cant support NTFS format..but but you can use Linux FS to support large file size..otherwise if you choose fat32 then there is a file size limitation ..for example cant copy a single file with 20gb in size..

The original firmware which come with the buffalo router is rubbish...flashing it to the dd-wrt firmware make more sense. However i experience strange issue with my Alienware m11x . It can connect to the AP but cant surf internet. My other notebook do not have this issue. I end up reinstalling the wireless card drive and it do the trick.

Currently the firmware i am using is DD-WRT v24-sp2 (05/07/10) std - build 14402

the speedtest.net reveal i have more than 1MB of line but i just subscrive to tmnet 1mb package..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Choosing the best wireless router to stream HD movie

Recently my belkin ADSL Wireless Router is damage. I am on a quest to search for the ultimate wireless acess point /router which dont cost a bomb ..

my requirements are:-
1. must have long reach..so i can connect to the wireless AP in 1st floor from ground floor.
2. must be able to stream HD content and play game smoothly,.
3. must be able to support custom flash from:-
4. must be able to share printer wirelessly
5. must be able to share ftp wirelessly
6. can download torrent when my pc is off..

Ok after consulting with my geek friend..this is the closest match i can find.!


This guy basically meet all the requirement above but the price is quite expensive..

selling from the range of rm380 to rm395..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Race photoshoot..

Race is very nervous in the photoshoot.,.but in the end manage to pull off a few shots..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The German thrash Argentina 4-0 in FIFA 2010

The German thrash Argentina 4-0 in FIFA 2010..what a shame...maradona must be devastated...The man of the match is from german --muller i would say...he really help boost the spirits of the german with it goal...

Perhaps this is how god way of repaying maradona karma with his hands of god ...everything have karma...Very ironic..very sad..but it is a reality...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Fantasy 14 benchmark on Alienware m11x r1

Final Fantasy 14 benchmark on Alienware m11x r1

su7300 overclock to 1.7ghz
overclock GPU GT 335m
4GB ram
500gb HDD

not convince by the low benchmark result. i overclock the GPU and retry.. I manage to squeeze 1522 points out of it..not bad,,.