Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hong Kong Night Scene..

Taken handheld..cause i did not bring any tripod..
double click on image to enlarge it..

The Beast

I wonder how differently the pic will turn up if i use an orange filter...

Super GT Championship 2008 : Malaysia Series

They will be 50% discount on ticket rm75 to Japan GT Sepang if purchase before 15 May 2008

So hurry go get your tickets now..but why they need to give 50%? maybe this year japan GT all wear baju kurung? no body will know or no more GT costume?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shop to blacklist in Hong Kong - Myer Photo and Audio co Ltd

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, i found out a few shop which like to chop tourist throat ..these shop should be black list...

Myer Photo and Audio co Ltd
shop A G/F 51-52 Haiphong Road
TsimShaTsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong..


so tourist stay away from this shop and if anyone else got black list shop to share inform me so i can add in here too...

Seem like there are others who are con by this shop also ...perhaps anyone in hong kong is kind enough to report to the authority over there...

thanks to the info i have updated the list of black list shop in Hong Kong. Please feel free to send me info on any other shop that we need to black list in Hong Kong to avoid other people getting con...

Olympus 4/3 Lens Roadmap 2008

Double click on image to enlarge

Monday, April 28, 2008

What to do in case of car accident...

I notice a lot of people panic after a car accident..there is no need to!!!
here what you should do:-

1. get the car type and model that bang u (the color too)
2. if possible get a photo using your camera phone (not mandatory)
3. get the car plate number
4. goto police station and make police report and do the insurance claim...

when u reach police station if u bang ppl car rear u got to pay fine for rm300 if the other car bang your car rear so he got to pay the police summon rm300 is that simple..

if either one make a police report the other must do so within 24 hours, otherwise u will get fine/summon too..

u dont need to have the driver contact, ic and all other rubbish...

these tips apply to Malaysia only..for other country i donno..

Enabling Aero Glass Without a Supported Graphics Card

Believe it or not, there’s a way to cheat Vista into using many of the Aero glass effects
even if you don’t have a graphics card that supports the full Vista Aero theme.
Try out this registry edit instead:
1. From the Start menu, type regedit and open the corresponding application. You’ll
need to provide administrative confirmation if User Account Control is turned on.
2. Now, navigate to this Registry key:
3. From there, you need to create a new key and name it DWM.
4. In the DWM key, create a new DWORD value called EnableMachineCheck.
5. Set the EnableMachineCheck value to 0 (false).
6. Create another DWORD value, name it Blur, and set that value to 0 as well.
7. One more to go. Again in the DWM key you just made, create a DWORD value
called Animations and set that value to 0 as well.
All that’s left now is to exit and reboot. The result is an Aero interface, but without
the “blurring” effect that occurs when you’re able to see “through” one window to
whatever is behind it. Also, to lighten the load on your graphics card, the window
animations such as the Mac-like (I went the whole book without using the adjective;
sorry, it’s Mac-like) “whooshing” of a window back down to the taskbar.
Try this on a graphics card with 64 MB of RAM. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Enabling Auto-Logon in Windows Vista

There’s an easy way to configure a specific user account to always log on when starting Vista. If you’re not concerned about anyone else using your computer, or whathe might see or access if you got up for a latte after booting your machine, this can help smooth the startup process.

1. From the Start menu, type netplwiz and then launch the application of the samename. The User Accounts dialog box appear.
2.Uncheck the “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”checkbox, and click Apply.
3. You’ll now see the “Automatically log on” dialog box. From here, type the nameof the account and the password for the account for which you want to enableauto-logon.
4. Click OK and then OK again to commit the changes.

To reverse course, just open the same netplwiz application once again and recheckthe checkbox.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Streamyx is getting very unstable lately

Recently my internet connection speed has been going up and down..i have made countless reports to tmnet...come tmnet pls buck up your service..

u sucks...

Olympus Malaysia should introduce more workshop or gathering for Olympus SLR user..

Olympus SLR user of E system users are very new in Malaysia...every new owner is often question by their canon or nikon coutnerpart..."are you the only user in Malaysia?"

and most often we will be ashame and just say " well i think they are out there but..."

so why dont Olympus Malaysia just organise some sort of gathering to show the people of Malaysia that we exist!!!

other than that we can take the opportunity to educate the E user on how to optimize their SLR!!

we often get bash that 4/3 sensor is inferior in everyway especially when talk about it true? if it is not why dont Olympus Malaysia come out and educate and instead most of the time it is the user who speaks up and defend the brand for the vendor!!!

i do really hope Olympus Malaysia will improve on this....

other than that each time there is a so call road show the price showcase is either the same or higher then the camera shop..if that is the case..where is the so call promotion..?

Olympus E-3 is out for quite some time and i think there is enough feedback on the inferiority of this Olympus Flagship but till now there is no firmware update for E-3..come on Olympus ..u got to work harder...and pls listen to us ..your user,.cause without us they wont be Olympus...

Trend Micro generate extra traffic on Vista

When CSC or client side caching is turn on ...each time a sync happen and if the Trend Micro OfficeSan 8.0 networks scan is turn on it will generate extra network traffic cause it wont know about the delta just scan everything again..

so u want less traffic on your network better turn off the network scanning feature in OfficeScan 8.0

Maths genius who sell herself...

SHE was a child maths genius who won a place at Oxford University aged just 13—but now the only sums Sufiah Yusof is interested in are the ones she earns as a HOOKER


child genius so end up as a hooker..shame on her...

Malaysia government ask us to eat less rice !!

The Malaysia government has ask us to eat less rice to curb the increase in price?? i wonder which genious think of this approach...why can;t they just increase production instead?

might as well ask us to stop using fuel and use water instead to curb fuel price increase...

Kira strikes again!!!

Yes KIRA release new pics on Jolin Chai naked on a white sheet of bed..some say it is not her cause no tattoo but it certainly look like Jolin to me.
And pls dont ask me to send the photos to you cause it can be download here:-

go get it yourself..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More disaster...

When i thought after operation i should be ok ...i am wrong!!! i think my body too mouth start to have ulser or not that i cant sit n walk properly..i cant even talk properly.!!!!!

To add misery my tmnet is down for the pass few days!! Stupid tmnet..luckily i still have my trusted nokia 73 and digi EDGE but then..not as fast as streamyx..

i use BONJELA on my mouth ulser but no use..half of my lips is swollen with ulser..the recovery is so yesterday i decided to use SALT...yes SALT ...i learn it in my military use SALT for ULSER..but it is SUICIDAL!!!!!!

The process begun in my bathroom...after putting salt on my ulser the pain is so great that my tears start flowing without me knowing it..then saliva begin to follow through...i just close my eyes and endure the pain for 5 mins and rinse it clean with water..i can feel the salt is like acid burning my lips..and i look into the mirror..blood flow though the mouth ulser..the wound somehow shrink a bit....

i repeat this process this morning and oh we go again....

i really hope i will be ok again so i can eat my mom wan tan mee ...or eat mee curry...

but the one i have to thanks most is my lovely wife..she woke up early every morning to cook porridge for me..and nite to0.. u kim...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Butt Operation successful!!!

Just get out from SJMC...i just cant sleep there!! it is simply noisy cause my room is next to the reception counter...

the experience in SJMC was a scary one...on the operation day i was asked...we will put u to sleep no worry but we have to poke a hole into your lung or trakea!!omg i panic ..wat hole..why u need to poke a hole!! they mention tat to operate my butt i need to face down and they fear that i might not have enuff oxygen..well lucky i am not awake to witness all these..after they ask me to breath in i went to deep sleep...

at 2pm i was awake and the nurse told me..the operation is complete...i wake up but still feel sleepy..decided to sleep 4pm woke up and i feel pain in the ass..the wound on my left butt and right thigh is painful..

i cant sleep walk or sit properly now..quickly ask for the pain killer..then sleep again..

lucky my beautiful wife is there to help me throughout the painful experience..she cook for me..she take care of me..and i feel quilty...cause it is her birthday..and i cant bring her to fancy restaurant to celebrate..i wanted to bring her to kl tower..

the best i can do is i gave her the birthda present before i go for operaration..

anyway now i am back in my room lying down.... waiting for time to take my medicine and go to sleep again...cause those so call pain killer i suspect are actually sleeping pills...

anyway i would say SJMC is a good place..the nurse are experience and doctor t00..

ok time for sleep..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tap Water

E3 + 50mm f2 + FL-50R


Fl-50R and FL-36 difference in size..

For those who always wonder what is the size different between these two Olympus Flash can view the photo above.. pls double click to enlarge..

the different between the FL-50 and FL-50R is the ability to act as slave and have wireless useful for strobist..!!

well the fl-36 on the other hand is more suited for mobility is small and you just need 2 AA battery to power it up.. however the only downside is the refresh rate..but this can be counter with using higher iso like iso800 so that the fl-36 would not fire full power and thus having faster recycle time..

the FP (some say is focal plane, some say fast pulse..who cares) is the ability to sync fast shutter speed up to 1/8000sec very useful for fill flash purpose.. the flowing water below is taken at 1/8000s using E-3 + 50mm f2.0 + FL-50R

will post more details later..

Blood Type B -

i notice the number of ppl with this blood type is rare...

why dont we unite and keep each other contact to be used in emergency??

Change WB setting in E-3

A lot of people ask me how to change the white balance setting in Olympus E-3 well here it is..

hehe last time i din RTFM tat why also have the same issue like u shortcut one.

1. to activate live view press the live view button
2. then press ok to activate the menu system and select WB
3. u can scroll using the fast dial to change the WB from tungsten to auto to etc..
4. if just wanna change Kelvin use fast dial to select CWB 5000
5. once selected u can just press the -/+ eve button and the fast dial to change it

last time when i donno about this i thought need to press the WB and -/+ and the fast dial to change one..

and about the menu it is translucent you can still see the object even though it is turn on.

but most of the time the one touch WB is very usefull..i can just press one button point to any gray card and voila i have a much accurate WB. Can store up to 4 setting..
then to change it just press the WB button and fast dial..

the E-3 also have the external WB sensor which i did not turn off.. i have yet to see the diff when it is turn off n on..

Oh no i need to go to surgery on friday

A visit to SJMC is unavoidable...the pain is getting stronger..cant sit properly ..cant sleep properly and even can;t walk properly..

will going to remove this curse on friday morning. Wish me luck ..:P

this tumor like thingy is really annoying. arghhhhhh

Saturday, April 12, 2008

PC Fair Model 2008 ver 2

Double click on the image below to enlarge or goto my flickr site to download ori copy..

Originally uploaded by Hellfire8888

Here are more model shots.. :)

This girls is cute..

KL PC Fair 2008 Models

Zuiko Digital 25mm f2.8 review

Today i went to pc fair in klcc conventiona center...first thing is to visit Olympus booth and try out the 25mm f2.8 lens...
Ok let me show you the sample photo first.. (double click on pics to enlarge)

My verdict on this lens is that it is not as sharp as Zuiko 50mm f2.0..maybe is due to the firmware..90% of the pic i take with this lens is either out of focus or soft.

the lens size is very small indeed...if e420 is out then this will be the perfect companion but they must resolve some of the bugs on this lens first..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olympus E-3 High ISO 3200 Test shot

A lot of people always say how 4/3 lack in high ISO capability but then i would like to share a sample test shot taken with olympus E-3 and sigma 135-400. From the picture above i would say the image quality is as good as nikon d300 or canon 40d .

You may not disagree with me but the pics dont lie!! So to all fanboy out there please rethink again when you say Olympus sucks at high ISO..

Buying House Guide in Malaysia ver 1.0

This guide was not meant to teach you how to find a good house but rather what it takes to buys a house in Malaysia. If you ask 10 ppl they will give you all 10 different answer but my information is correct as of today...

Here it goes:-

1. Find a developer or your dream house. (take your own sweet time the clock is not ticking)

2. Pay the deposit. (Ussually they give you 2 week to make up your mind. some is refundable some not)
They will give you a receipt of booking confirmation receipt.(very important)
You need this to apply for the loan. Dont sign the sales and purchase document before you check whether your loan will be approve or not!! otheriwse you will waste your booking fee as most developer will charge you 10% once you start signing the sales and purchase ageement and the clock is ticking. They will give you 30 days grace period to settle the 10% downpayment but allow up to 60 days if you apply EPF withdrawer to settle the 10%

3. Ok back with the booking receipt go apply for loan. (loan approval goes as fast as 3 days and can be as slow as 1 week.)
Banks like Standard Chartered gives you a good interest rate but the drawback is you need to pay a service fee of $10 every month and the maximum loan amount is only 89% and note 90%. Ok here is the tricky part..not every Standard Chartered bank or i would say not alll loan officer have the same rate..yes they have generic rate but is up to you to bargain..For example as of today the best rate is from Standard Chartered with BLR-2.1 up to the end of tenor (Standard Chartered should pay me for advertising for them!!) buti got it for BLR-2.05!!! So my advice is go up to different bank and get the quatation and if possible same bank get 2 quatation from different branch or officer. you will be surprise to see differrent rates. ( i will publish another article on housing loan later..they are a lot of loan out there and choosing the right one is essential..and no i am not a certified financial planner and it does not take a rocket scientist to understand all just need interest)

4.Once your loan approve you can go sign Sales and Purchase. (1 day needed to sign and the bomb start ticking now..u need to settle the 10% downpayment of your house in 30 day or 60 day. they need 3 week to prepare sales n purchase document)
No they will not give the sales and purchase to you after you sign. They need 3 weeks to legalise it. 3 weeks if you are lucky and can be longer depending on the lawyer. This document is crucial to get the EPF (KWSP) withdrawer to settle your house 10% downpayment.

5. EPF money withdrawer (3 weeks)
After you get the sales and purchase agreement and you should have the letter of offer for the loan from bank then you can goto EPF office to withdraw the money. You need to fill up the EPF withdrawer form and the item above is mandatory!!! i better list it down.

a. Sales n purchase agreement - certified true copy
b. letter of offer (loan offer from bank) - certified true copy
c. bank statement - true copy or photocopy no need certify
d. photocopy of Identification card - they have a format to follow. the instruction is in the form
e. and the fill up form of course!!!

The maximum allowed of money taken from EPF are (10% of the downpayment + 10% of the house value) from your account 2

For example. your house is rm300k you 10% downpayment + 10% house values is approximately rm60k. There fore you are allowed to withdraw up to rm60k from your EPF account 2. If you have a wife you can have joint purchase and withdraw from both account but the maximum value you can withdraw is the same..rm60k (10% downpayment + 10% house value)

and for further details and the form you can go get from here:-

6. So there you goes after the EPF is settle they will bank in the money direct to the bank account you specify. What and how you deal with the money no one up to you..if you decided to donate the money to me to have my own registered web site also can..:)

Ok that is the end of my rev 1.0 House buying guide in Malaysia dated 10 April 2008.
Good luck in finding your dream house!! Please give me comments below if you find my guide is good or bad. Thanks.

New software update for Olympus Master 2.04 to 2.05

Good news for Olympus users..there is a software update for Olympus Master software to ver 2.05 Shown below are the udpates revision notes..

OLYMPUS Master 2.05
Added the function to upload movies to YouTube.
Fixed the problem that the added display language for E-3/E-510 could not be updated correctly in "Update Camera/Add Display Language".
OLYMPUS Master 2.04
Support for "E-3"
Improved the display speed in Thumbnail Area.
Added the function to show Pop-up Information for a file.
OLYMPUS Master 2.03
Support for displaying "MANOMETER" in Properties window.
OLYMPUS Master 2.02
Support for "E-410"
OLYMPUS Master 2.01
The operability has been improved.

OLYMPUS muvee theaterPack Update
OLYMPUS muvee theaterPack 2.04
Support for "OLYMPUS Master 2.05".
OLYMPUS muvee theaterPack 2.03
Support for "OLYMPUS Master 2.04"
OLYMPUS muvee theaterPack 2.02
Fixed issue in Create DVD Video Disc where disc burning would occasionally not start.
OLYMPUS muvee theaterPack 2.01
The operability has been improved

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Olympus E-3 Tips in Video

Just to share a great video about Olympus E-3

Olympus E-3 Receive DIWA gold award!!


Olympus E-3 receives DIWA Gold Award : The year 2007 was a big step ahead for Olympus, strongly establishing the Four Thirds system and bringing the Olympus E-3 on the market as a highly upgraded successor to the legendary E-1. The Olympus E-3's unique technological advances are found in four key areas: Speed, Live View, image quality and versatility, making it a worthy winner of a DIWA Gold Award. DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association), a world-wide organisation of collaborating websites, announces a DIWA Gold Award to the Olympus E-3 professional digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) camera for its excellent technological advances and high performance. The DIWA members’ reviews are published at the new DIWA-Labs website.

About DIWA The Digital Imaging Websites Association (DIWA) is a fast growing group of independent Web-based specialist publications dedicated to digital imaging. DIWA harnesses the collective talent and expertise of its members, resulting in industry awards that command unparalleled confidence and value, both for consumers and the industry alike. DIWA awards come in the form of bronze, silver and gold medals for various product categories.

Once again Olympus E-3 get recognition for it outstanding performance this year!! Keep up the good work Olympus!

Popphoto Olympus E 3 test result..

Popophoto gave a very good review on Olympus E-3

This is the comment on the Image quality:-

"Performance? The E-3 did incredibly well in the Pop Photo Lab's image quality tests, challenging (though not outperforming) the 12.3MP Nikon D300 ($1,800, body only), tested in this issue. It earned a similar Excellent image quality rating all the way up to ISO 3200 when shooting in RAW mode."

In term of autofocus speed:-

"We discovered that in very bright light (EV 12 to 8), the E-3 was a speed demon at 0.3 sec -- a fraction of a second behind the leader in that brightness range, the Sony Alpha 700 (0.24 sec), and nearly identical to the Nikon D300 and Canon EOS 40D. In normal light (EV 6 to 4), the E-3 squeaked ahead of the D300 and fell behind the Sony, while holding its own against the Canon. In low light (EV 3 to EV 0), it slowed the way the Sony did and trailed the Canon and D300."

I am very happy that Olympus have given the hope to all 4/3 users..and shows the world that 4/3 can outperform canon and nikon in certain situation.

Digital camera magazine issue 67 even give a rating at 90+-% compare to 80+- % (cant remember the exact figure)for sony A700...

we hope to see the improvement in image quality in the next olympus flagship SLR..

and from the review...i learn a new low light shoot RAW :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

I have an antique 4/3 lens!!!

Just found out from a friend of mine BLU that our Sigma APO 135-400mm DG has become a discontinued 4/3 model!!! That makes us the only two owners in Malaysia!!

I am suddenly feeling proud about this :)

This is a good superzoom lens and can perform very well outdoor.

i have a mix feeling whether to sell this lens to get the 50-200 SWD f.28 or not..


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Howto take Mclaren Mercedes F1 Pics!!

McLaren Mercedes Formula One car taken in Sepang 2008

A lot of ppl will be stun to see such sharp close up photo of a formula 1 car. In actuall fact everyone can take a nice picture of the F1 cars!!
I listed a few tips here.:-

1. Use C-AF mode on your SLR
2. Shoot RAW to edit the WB if your SLR sucks in WB like canon.
3. Use Burst mode.. my Olympus E3 can support up to 5 frame per this help a lot..
4. Activate IS 2 image stabilization mode in your Olympus E3. As for canon n nikon..u have to rely on the lens image stabiliser..
5. Dont be afraid to use higher ISO up to 400. But most of the time ISO 100 will do during a bright day time.
6. Use slower shutter speed for panning for more dramatic effect. I choose 1/160 sec
7. Chose to shoot near corner cause there is where the most drama is..
8. Bring extra battery to shoot.
9. You need a tele lens with at least 200mm to shoot a decent close up of the F1 car.
10. For metering you can chose spot on metering but i know some low end slr like canon 400d dont have spot on metering.

sayonara..hope more guys will share F1 car pic in the future..

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheng Beng Festival

Cheng Beng or known as Chinese All Soul Day..

Is a day where we visit our ancestor grave to pay respect. We clean the area, offer some food offering and burn the hell money and other stuff for our ancestor to be used in the underworld..

This is the day where we learn the importance of respect and love for our parents and love ones..

My dad always tell me..there is no use in paying respect to me after i am it when i am still alive..!!

His word do make sense.. I always have mix feeling whenever i visit my grandfather grave cause my dad always keep silence himself when he is there..and once in a while i do notice watery eyes ...i am not sure if because of the incense we burn or it is something else...

To all people out there who still have a chance to love your it before it is too late...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I passed my ITIL Practitioner Cert in IT Service Management Release n Control!!

Today i receive email from EXIN and it says that i have pass the ITIL v2 practitioner exam!!
The release and control topic is really challenging. The questions attack you from different perspective. There is no way that i can pass this exam if i dont have the OGC official ITIL doc.

For future candidates here is my study and study.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

KLCC view from KL Tower

Taken this KLCC nite view from KL Tower..Really nice view :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you man enough to face your parents in law?

I have encounter case where some man are reluctant to meet the parent in law of their girl friend or wife.

Some of the excuse give are plain rediculous such as :-

1. There is no need for me to respect the parent in law
2. I am a cool person therefore i dont need to
3. It is not part of my so called personality to greet other parents cause they mean nothing to me
4. i am very busy man i dont have time

They may works as a saleman and greet hundreds of customers everyday but they just wont greet their wife /gf parent in law. sad case... i dont see any logic in this.

The most pathetic part about these type of scenario is their gf/wife fully support their action!!!
maybe love is blind. Perhaps they have money and thought by giving $$ is enough but can love and repect be bought by dollar and cents?

One day their daughter might do the same to them. It is call karma.

But all in all it is just simple manners. i would regard such man as no manner and will not be respect in any way by other homo sapien for their deed..

Imagine meeting your parent in law less than 10 time in their entire life!!!

Travelling and distance often taken for granted as an excuse but if they have time to travel to other place and go for vacation why not travel nearer to greet their parent in law?

The girls will often say it is his decision and i cant do much..but is it really the case? loving a man who would rather meet strangers everyday than meet your parent?

this is call modern society..where one think money is everything and by giving money is equivalent to filiel piety..