Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lexar Class 10 32GB micro SD card benchmark.

Recently i get myself a Lexar Class 10 32GB micro SD card to be used with HTC EVO 3D. Surprisingly the read and write speed is not in quantum league compare to the original Class 4 16gb card.
I have try to use edit the cache size for SD from 128 to 512 but the performance do not improve much.. Maybe it is the Android 2.3.4 issue. We need a fix for this!!!!

[ROM] LeeDrOiD 3D V2.0.0 - 3rd September | HTC WWE #2.3.4 Review

i flash to this ROM yesterday.

1.After flash the WIFI dont work but i have apply the fix mention in this forum and the problem is solved now.
2. Dice is not working. I uninstall it so that this icon dont appear
3. The BEAT preset equalizer dont work. There is no difference between the normal and BEAT preset.
4. Running benchmark using Quadrant Standard give me score between 1300 to max 1700! that is low compare to my stock ROM which can give me score at a region on 1800+. I try the 3 CPU add on fix on the first page of this thread and the result is the same. This ROM gives low benchmark score for quadrant. I even try to use setcPU to set to performance and set the max and min to the highest speed. I still get bad results in Quadrant. A very noticeable drop in FPS when benchmarking the graphic.
5. Battery life compare to stock i think is better.
6. HTC Friend widget will cause the HTC sense to lag.
7. HTC sense will force close after initial reboot. Intermittent problem
8. THe HDR mode in the camera do not do any real HDR. It is the same as normal mode.

The only real advantage for me to flash to this ROM is the battery life. Thats about it. Other than that i dont see any significant improvement over the stock HTC rom.

Anyway i would like to say thanks to the developer for this ROM because of the amount of effort spend in developing this ROM

Insane benchmark result...lower score compare to stock rom!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

HTC EVO 3D Sample Image

Here are some sample images from the HTC flagship HTC EVO 3D. The image is surprisingly usable for a camera phone. It is just 5MP but compare to the iphone 4 camera this phone camera is more responsive and have better low light performance.

Friday, September 16, 2011

HP TouchPad Review Part 2

I am going to continue my review based on real world example and honest comment..

Issue 3.:-The WebStore have plenty of non quality apps..Why i say non quality. Some of them dont even launch properly and exit. Majority is not optimized based on HP TouchPad screen resolution. And most application is not even useful....

For god sake..Nyan cat in HP webstore?? oh please...

Issue 4: I notice HP removed all PAID apps from the web store. This is evidence that the HP Touchpad is going to be a fossil soon...

Issue 5: As you can see from the pic above. Apps is not optimized based on the HP Tablet Screen Resolution! This is really not acceptable. If HP is going to compete against Apple this is going to put HP down the drain..

The native Internet browser works fine. I can goto 2 most famous website, and Flash work as advertised :) However one thing worth mentioning is the touch screen is somehow not responsive. Let me explain, the touch screen is responsive however the OS is not. When you try to click on a button, it always a hit and miss.

Issue 6: The Adobe Reader works fine however to load the adobe reader is a nightmare..In fact loading time for most of the application in WebOS is slow as 10 to 30 second! no kidding!

This is another app which is not optimized for HP TouchPad. What a dissapointment.

Even the native clock is boring and look not interesting..

Maps is usable but again..very slow startup time...

But not all apps is useless..the photo gallery and surprisingly 1 games which i forgot whats its name is usable..

Another comment i have is even the Angry Bird Rio is not optimized based on HP TouchPad screen resolution!!


Please do not waste your hard earn money on this junk unless you are a very technical guy who plan to hack this device and put Android OS into it to give it a second life..

What a dissapointment.

HP TouchPad Review Part 1

When one of my best friend ask you want to review the HP TouchPad? I say why not? Lets do it! I always wanted to know how this HP Tablet compare with Apple Ipad.
I think i am the first Malaysian to review this HP TouchPad!

HP TouchPad Technical Specification is shown below.

Smart Phone: Yes
OS: webOS (3.0)
Processor: Dual core, Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060, 1200 MHz
Dimensions:9.45 x 7.45 x 0.54 (240 x 189 x 14 mm)
Weight:26.10 oz (740 g)
the average is 17.6 oz (503 g)
Resolution: 768 x 1024 pixels
Physical Size: 9.70 inches
Colors: 262 144
Touch Screen: Yes (Capacitive)
Light sensor:Yes
Location Based Services: Yes
Type: A-GPS
Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass

hehehe HP Tablet VS my Apple Ipad!

Ok when you buy a new gadget what do you do? Power it up of course! But do you know how long it takes to power up the HP Tablet ? It take 1 minutes +..thats a long time for a dual core processor. Something is wrong with the optimization of WebOS i think..

Issue 1: Startup Time: 1 minute +-

Ok Shown below is how the apps is being categorize in WebOS. The Apps quality is very very low. Most of the stuff in the web store dont event work. And do make matter worst you wont be able to find any PAID apps cause i think HP remove them. You can only find FREE non quality apps..

Well I have no issue on how they group those apps ala ipad icon style..

The first issue an noob like me will encounter is how to close the apps~!! There is no X button or exit button. Instead you have to press on the home button and it will return to the main menu and minimize into square snapshot of the apps. The WebOS call it cards. You have to touch on the card and swipe up to close the apps.

Issue 2
If you open a lot of apps and then minimize them into cards. then you wont be able to connect to your PC via USB mode. An error message will pop up to ask you to close the cards in order to proceed. Kinda of stupid. Android and IOS never have this issue..

Ok i will be back with part 2 soon..stay tune..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Share Office files online for free !!

Cloud computing is the future. What cloud really mean? If you are using gmail then you are already using cloud. Ok another concept is create office files like spreadsheet and word online is possible now with google docs.

You can access it here ;- Click Here

Once you login with your google account you can basically see the friendly interface shown below..

You can click on > Create New > and select > spreadsheet if you want to create an excel type of document online.

The best thing about this is you do not need to have microsoft office install to use these productivity tool.However these are very basic ala excel clone. Dont expect full functionality of ms excel here but it is sufficient for most people.

Go ahead and give cloud computing a try!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chinese Moon Cake Festival

Well the chinese moon cake festival can never be complete without a full moon!

How to take moon pic?

1. Use the longest tele lens u zuiko digital 70-300mm
2. Use spot metering
3. Use iso100 shutter speed 1/100 and aperture f10/f11
4. Voila with this setting you can even take the moon pic handheld!!
5. But of course it is better you have a tripod
6. Use a remote control to avoid shake. While on tripod turn off the IS image stabiliser
7. Use mirror lockup if your slr support this function.
8. With the tips above you should be able to capture fantastic moon photo!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Emma in 3D ! Capture Using HTC EVO 3D

Another video capture using the HTC EVO 3D.

I notice that 3D is not suitable for macro or if your object is near and the viewing angle also play an important factor. That explain why not all scene in a movie can be 3D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Groupon Malaysia is nothing but lies .. cheater

Lately my wife get me a go kart coupon from but this web site is nothing more than false and misleading marketing.

How it work..

1. They claim that the normal price for the service is let say rm38 they will mark up the price at certain percentage and then sell you the coupon at rm30 and claim that they give you 80% discount or 50% discount when the actual discount is no where near.

2. The go kart package from the Groupon is even a bigger lies..they claim they have professional training course at certain price but when you really sign up the schedule for the class is up to the organizer to define..which mean you have to wait wait wait wait and wait till the class is open without a real timeline and date...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Tutorial] [UNLOCK/ROOT] EVO 3D GSM Hboot 1.49.0011> + S-On [HTC Unlock method]

I found across a site which actually can help you root jailbreak your HTC EVO 3D 1.49.0011 (SIS set)


Generally the steps are shown below but to download the files needed you need to visit the link above and give credits to the author..

1] register @ htcdev [dot] com
[2] just follow on-screen instruction until successfully boot with unlocked bootloader

now the important part : (u can use Revolutionary custom CWM recovery image or official CWM )

[3a] Revolutionary CWM
(i) download Revolutionary shutteru CWM recovery from here
(ii) reboot device in bootloader mode > plug in usb cable until u see FASTBOOT USB on device screen
(iii) now in adb type : fasboot flash recovery cwm-
(iv) Done.

[3b] Official CWM (button mapping as follows; SCROLL = Volume button; SELECT/ENTER = Camera button; BACK = Power button)
(i) install clockworkmod rom manager frm android market
(ii) flash recovery image from rom manager app menu

[4] To root stock rom,
(i) download and copy to sdcard
(ii) reboot to recovery mode
(iii) select install zip frm sdcard > choose zip frm sdcard > select zip file as in (i) step above > proceed to flash.

Sample 3D Video from HTC EVO 3D

This is probably the first few sample 3D Video from HTC EVO 3D taken in Malaysia!!!

HTC provide Unlock Bootloader for HTC EVO 3D

HTC provide unlock Bootloader capability for HTC EVO 3D

However it may void part of the warranty. This is good and bad news

The gray area as shown in the screen shot is HTC do not specify what is void when you perform this activity. Is it just the software or software plus hardware?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Available light photography ...

I was cleaning my SLR and suddenly my baby strike a pose..i quickly immortalize this moment..thanks to the lights from my large window at my master bedroom i was able to get good natural lighting..

Camere: Olympus E3
Lens: Zuiko 50mm f2.0

Stupid website which does not do what it claims...

I notice there are a lot of website that does not do what it claim..for example is does not tell you how to identify if your unit is fake or not nor does it gives you any useful information. pure rubbish..a waste of time..

Samsung Omnia i900 3 year Aniversary

I still remember when my wife bought me an Samsung Omnia i900 as my birthday present. It was the king of mobile back then...err beside the iphone. It has the highest spec in the industry..but but now it was so outdated. It have gone through lots of surgery...i battery replacement, a touch screen transplant operation ..and now it is as good as new..

but with all the Android hype, can this old Samsung i900 run adroid Witu? the answer is yes it can run, however a lot of function is not supported cause Samsung do not want to release the information on how to interface the Android with its i900 hardware. So fella Omnians out there dont even bother to try the so call Android port of Samsung i900 cause it is not usable at all.!! I repeat not usable at all..

It is better off with its faithful Windows Mobile 6.5 .

But is this lil hardware still usable now? Well it can use it as a MP3 player, A media player if you have the TV output cable, a phone (of course this is a phone right) and a simple web browser in needy time when all my iphone, ipad and alienware laptop is malfunction!!

Anyway Happy 3 Year Aniverssary to all fella Omnians :P