Monday, August 31, 2009

Cultural Performance in 1 Utama

Last time i wont even bother shooting indoor cultureal performance with a slow kit lens with f3.5 and above cause i will not have enough shutter speed to get a sharp picture. The only solution is to use flash or use high iso. Using flash will spoil the ambience and thus high iso is the only way to go. Luckily the iso1600 on EP1 is very usable compera to my Olympus E3 but what da ya expect!! it is 3 years apart in technology!

Steamboat session in 1 Utama

My parent enjoying the steamboat session in 1U :P


My birthday celebration!

My moderate birthday celebration :) I am glad to be alive and thanks god for the wonderful family i have.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Braun Buffel Carrying case for Olympus PEN EP-1

My beloved wife got me a Braun Buffel bag to lug my Olympus EP-1 around! The quality is definitely there with lifetime warranty..!! And you can bring the bag to any Braun Buffel outlet for them to polish the leather for you!!

To be frank i am really bored with all the typical SLR bad from lowerpro, KATA and other SLR bag maker... It is so stereotype...The braun buffel messenger bag really change the look!

Definitely a thunb up for such a premium product.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Howto take nice macro with ZD 50mm

(double click on the image to enlarge)
Olympus PEN
Zuiko Digital 50mm f2.0
ISO 1600
Aperture priority mode

Do you really need a light tent which cost you rm200+- and a flash to shoot nice macro.? Well not exactly. You can just put your object on a white surface like A4 paper or on the floor if your floor tile is white in color. Then just set to aperture priority and shoot away! Dont be afraid to use iso1600. Yeah there will be noise, so what at least i get sharp picture and if the picture is well expose like the pic above, then the noise will be very minimal.

So there you go..if u dont have a flash or light tent ..dont be fool into thinking you cant get a nice macro shot !

Monday, August 24, 2009

Voigtlander Lens and Micro 4/3 (PEN and panasonic GH1)

Come across the site here camera quest who sell m43 adapter to leica M mount and many more..

It is a real poison..

Kemuning Utama (Indah Residence)

Its been a long time since i check out that area. I wanted to know the progress whether it is halted or progress and plan. Look like everything is still a ok. However the phase 2 plan is a lil but different from phase 1. The kitchen in phase 2 is bigger but the maid room is remove. Well is up to personal preference.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Panorama with Olympus EP-1

This shot is taken using Olympus PEN. dont be is not a HDR..just some adjustment in adobe lightroom.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ken rockwell now a canon fanboy?

Well i personally find his review on canon s90 point and shoot is very bias.

He did not even mention about Lx3!!

Does he know that S90 do not have the largest sensor in compacts? Lx3 is not dead yet!

The most outrageous statement is this:-

“3.) Full-Sized Image Sensor. Well, not really, but considering that other makers lie about their 4/3 system DSLRs and E-P1 PEN as having full sized sensors (they are really only have quarter-sized), I’m saying “full sized sensor” here to light up the fact that the S90 and G11 have the biggest sensors of any compact cameras I’ve seen.”

4/3 is indeed a full size sensor for 4/3 system. period. If i really want to make a bias statement i can say FF system is not a full sized sensor. Medium format camera do.

anyway fuck it, i was never a fan of ken rockwell.. maybe he sucks cause canon n nikon did not provide a similar offering like the PEN.

Nikon D90 iso3200

My friend recently went to KLPF 2009 and shoot everything in iso 3200 using his D90. Well here is the results after i help out with some minor surgery..

Olympus EP-1 (PEN) at iso 3200

OMG is that a iso 3200 shot from Olympus PEN!!!

Yes it is..better believe it...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old Town kopitiam..

I was testing the EP-1 in old town kopitiam to see how it perform under low light indoor without flash and surprisingly it is very good indeed..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Olympus EP-1 Review - Usability

Tested the Olympus EP-1 this weekend for usability.

1. Usability in use EP-1 in low light
I notice that claims regarding Olympus PEN (EP-1) unable to focus in low light is rediculous..They expect to focus in very low light using a f3.5 kit lens!! wtf!! if they bother to read more about photography concept they will start to realise that f3.5 is too slow for all these type of low light thingy.

i perform a test in a completely dark room using available light from the street light. Well as expected focusing using the kit lens is useless.. f3.5 us just too slow..Then i switch to use the Zuiko digital 12-60 f2.8-4

Then i tried with Panasonic Leica summilux 25mm f1.4 . Wow i can also focus in a room where it is near pitch black!!!And voila like magic i can shoot without any issue!!

Here are the images from the test.

2.Can i use in under hot sun 12 noon?

Some claim that under very bright sun light especially noon the LCD is unsable. Therefore i purposely go out and shoot at 12pm where the sun is directly above my head. Well to be honest to frame using the LCD is not an issue. But to be able to do manual focusing with it is impossible. And i am performing these test with the LCD facing the sun! And the verdict? Yes u can use EP-1 under bright sun light!! Screw those idiots who have not even tried that before and try to speculate based on the spec on paper!

3. Is the menu confusing?
The menu is very straight forward if u read the fucking manual. A lot of idiot who are using canon n nikon claim that this is the worst menu ever created but to an olympus user like problemo.. The real root cause? is related to human behaviour.. if u are used to write using your right hand once i ask u to write with left hand u will be handicap..Same issue here..the mentality to learn a new menu system is important. If you are reluctant to accept something new and wanna stick to canon or nikon menu system then i suggest look elsewhere..dont get a PEN

4. Can it auto focus with all my 4/3 lens?

Well yes i can autofocus with all my 4/3 lens using the MMF-1 adapter. And to Olympus user this is a plus plus...!!!

Here are some sample images i taken during the weekend.. Some of them using the art filter from the PEN