Sunday, September 30, 2007

Macro test of flora again..

While waiting for the wedding dinner for chee mun wedding i test a few macro shots again..

Lim Chee Mun Wedding...the wedding dinner

Here are some pics from the wedding dinner..din;t take much photo though...cause scared interrupt the work of the professional photographer there.. :)

Challenging other people to drink!!!

Botak got wasted by this girl..ahahahhaha..dont play play

Cham giving that warrior wanna challenge me to drink is it...come la..

Oh no..i have been spot!!

Yam Seng session

old timer showing you how to do it rite...the yam seng ritual..

hehehhe after yam seng time to play some game...


Drink Drink Drink

David was thinking..siow eh..klang ppl also dont drink like tat..!

Lim Chee Mun Wedding...the "chi mui" torture session.. 11am our strategy is to get there as late as possible..going there early means we have to endure more of the torture test from the dreaded "chi mui".

This is the wedding maskot.

Smile while u can brother..

Torture session begin

The good side..

The dark side..

First obstacle...passed!!!

Reflection of a happy couple..

mrs lim..wah very big smile..

Hehehehe..mission completed!!!!

Lim Chee Mun Wedding...the breakfast...

29 Sept is my fren big is his wedding..we need to help him in some planning to face his wife "chi mui" ....heard they are very scary ppl!!

Before we could even think..we need to we have our breakfast here...the dim sum here is ok..the price is cheap too...good place to have dim sum when especially the competitor is always full house..

Ok! Ok ! this post is not a food review is about my best fren wedding..ok so let me start with introuducing our gang..

he is the star!! Mr Chee Mun...

Keu..the guy who is in charge of drinking any beer during the "chi mui" test..err he is also the appointed singer if required... us eat any crap durin the "chi mui" session but ended up talking on the phone with some chicks..

This is me..

Botak..the player.!!!

Pun Chun Duck DrumStick Soup Mee

Everytime i pass Bidor i will stop by pun chun restaunrant to try their pun chun duck soup mee..u should try it too..

Friday, September 28, 2007

S. Yee farewelll..sob sob..

S. Yee is leaving SITI ..we are sad about it cause we miss another friend who also share the same passion as me which is photogrpahy and abusing dogs...(i mean loving dogs).

The star of the nite...well to the bad guys..beware of som yee return!!!!

Miss A - S. Yee guardian angel..

I help her do plastic surgery already..:)

this guy camera shy...

i want to be a model..