Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lin Zhi Ling arrives in KLCC

I reach KLCC concourse area at 6:10pm waited in the front row..waited and waited with empty stomach. When the clock is near 7:00pm i fee excited..but my guts tell me that she will be late! True enough she is late and according to the MC it is due to the traffic jam...So lame..And while waiting for her the MC play some stupid game like guessing how tall in Zhi Ling, how long is her leg..and other stupid questions..

Time pass so slow..and at last all the wait was worth it when the MC finally announce that she has arrived..BUT wait a minute..everything should be perfect righ..? i reach there early book a place in the front row..zhi ling arrive..what could have gone wrong? Will i tell you is because those organiser let a bunch of idiot to be in front of us..(a small restricted area) I though the area is reserve for VIP and they ussually are seated and wont block my view..but all those ppl in these box are idiot..they lift their hand to shoot video with their handphone and point n shoot camera blocking the entire view..Those who stand 5 meter away could not even look at her face because the bloody stage is too low..the people is blocking the view with their PRO digital camera and handphone..wat the fuck.. i really feel like go and slap them..

Fortunately my E-510 have live view...and it come in really handy..i lift up my hand as high as possible..struggling to frame the shot using the LIve View..and use the BURST mode to shoot as many as possible in a short period of time hoping to find 1 or 2 usable shot instead of shooting a bunch of monkeys in front of me..

Well you might think this should be the happy ending right? The problem..i mean big problem come when a bunch of ladies in their mid 30s and some uncles cross the restricted area completely ignoring the guards to ruch forward and try to grab pics of zhi ling with their misearable "PRO" camera and handphone..Wait a minute..did i say the guard was there..oh yeah i remember..i ask the guard how come you did not stop them cause thing really started getting out of hand...the guard who can;t speak english just give me a blank stare and did nothing..

Later the ground floor was completely gone case...everyone has gone crazy and i realise i would have to make a decision..become idiot like the rest of the monkeys...or i can try my luck to go to the first floor and try to take pics from there...

When i reach first floor i was panic because there is no space for me to take any pics even with my live view it is virtually impossible for me to take any photos..

luckiy a good guy name JOE offer me his place...he say come and shoot from this position..he was truly my saviour..from the first floor i finally able to take zhi ling pics properly but it is a challenge because she hardly looks up and the stupid MC keep on talking to her and poor zhi ling have to entertain her all the time and most of the time zhi ling face is facing the MC..

Well stay tune..i am gonna post some of her pics soon..

be rite back..

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