Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybank Cyberjaya has the worst counter service...

Yesterday went to Maybank in cyberjaya to do some banking transaction. As ussual get a number and wait for my turn. But wtf..i waited and waited and the queue is not moving at all! Shit! What are they doing at the counter? Chatting? Screw them... Only 3 counter is open at that time and another counter is close..Waited for more than 30 minutes and the same people is still no moving away from the counter!!!

Screw them..and after 30 minutes counter 2 is done and signal for the next customer while counter 1 n 3 still stuck with the same fucking customer after 30 minutes!!!

A bank officer past bye and i ask her why the queue is so slow moving...in fact it is not moving at all!!! 30 minutes per turn is just insane..then she say she will check n see..

guess what she went to the counter, look look see see and end up no updates..

I left the bank without doing any transaction cause i cant wait any longer..screw them..if this is the type of service Maybank is giving, i guess their customer will run away from them..

screw u mbb for making me wait for 1 hour for nothing...

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Anonymous said...

agreed with you... their service is super lousy.. super slow like they are just woke up from sleep