Thursday, December 15, 2011

Office Politic 101

Office is like a warzone. It is a dog eat dog world out there.. Is either you survive or you will be escort to the exit door. Thanks to office politics!

I would like to share a few sentences which you can use to save your ass at your work place..

1. If people ask you to volunteer for a job. You dont want to do it but your also want to show your boss you got team work...what should you say???
Solution: Tell them this - " I volunteer for this task, i am willing to help but i am fairly new in this so i would require assistant on this. Furthermore i am busy with existing task at hand and would only be able to spare 2 hours for this task!"
Explantion: 2 hours is just good for a kick start meeting! It is another way of saying goto hell i am not going to help you.

ok to be continue....i am hungry now..need to go for dinner...stay tune for the next episode of office politic 101

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