Thursday, March 29, 2007

How do i upgrade my N73 firmware to N73ME.

1) Download and install Nokia PC Suite.,,88454,00.html
This program allows your PC to recognise your mobile phone.

2) Download Nemesis Service Suite and install it.
This program allows you to change your mobile phone''s product code.

3) Download Nokia Software Updater and install it.,,97406,00.html
This program upgrades your mobile phone''s firmware.

4) Now connect your phone to the computer and choose PC-Suite mode on your mobile phone.

5) Start Nemesis Service Suite

6) Push "Scan for new device" (On the top right hand corner)

7) Go to Phone Info screen. In the right corner, you"ll find box called Product Code.
Change that product code number to 0539343 and click Enable.
Then click WRITE and in few seconds click READ, and you"ll see that your phones product code has been changed.

Now you can start Nokia Software Updater to flash your mobile phone.


Chong said...

Errr....what's d color of ur N73????

OsX said...

Nemesis E61 full flash - NSS version 1.0.36

Nemesis N80 full flash - NSS version 1.0.36

Diamond N70 full flash - NSS version 1.0.36

is the software all the same?