Thursday, June 21, 2007

New N73 Plain Vanilla Firmware 4.0723.2.1.1

Here is the good news for n73 owners.!!! There is a new firmware that would support A2dp profile..Just follow my previous guide on how to use NSS to change the product code to 0529832 and perform your usual nokia software update and you should get the new firmware.!!

Camera start up has improve to 3 seconds. Hot sites is also added as one of the link and dont forget to check out the (the mobile youtube site!!)

Now i can also pair with my iTech Blueband to listen to stereo music! awesome!! i waited this for a very long long time.

Cheerss happy flashing..!!!

This code 0529832 with 4.0723.2.1.1 support EDGE only!! Pls take note..
Only the 4.0723.2.0.1 support 3G


~BaYa~ said...

have you able to use the 3G function now after flashing it? can you define anything between the 4.xxxx.x.1.1 & some other code which will convert it into 4.xxxx.x.0.1 .. difference between the .1 & .0 .. thank you

Lucifer said...

I have not tested the 3G function cause i am using DIgi EDGE services.

As what i understand

4.0723.2.1.1 for N73 RM132 (EDGE)
4.0723.2.0.1 for N73 RM133 (3G)

i am using 4.0723.2.0.1 working fine till now...

zack said...

and wht code did u use 2 get the 4.0723.2.0.1 for N73 RM133?
ive updated use the code given it changed mine to RM132 n now i cant use 3G function!

Bruce said...

Use this code for 4.0723.2.0.1 for N73 RM133 (3G) 0529814