Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nokia N73 ME RM133 new firmware is Out!! V 4.0727.2.2.1

The wait is finally over for the N73 me rm133 nokia owner. The new firmware v4.0727.2.2.1 is out.. Just follow my guide(previous post) and use the following product code to update using NSU.

product code: 0539239 (euro2) or 0537289 (euro1) or 0539285 (bulgaria)
firmware version v4.0727.2.2.1

here is my mini review on N73 v.4.0727.2.2.1

1. The update is a smooth process...change the product ID using NSS and to the NSU ...(for those who donno how to use NSS can goto my blog)
2. After the update of firmware. First thing i check is the music player. The music player is the same as the previous v4 music player. not much enhancement though. Yes music have exit button.
3. In the camera menu there is an option for night potrait...not sure whether it is available in the previous firmware or not.
4. The quick menu button opens up music player.
5. Able to start he browser to m.youtube.com browser working fine. Clicking on one fo the video will prompt the real media player to open and it will say number of max connection has been reach and ask u to disconnect the exisiting connection. The the real player will display an error saying cannot open the video. At least it proves one thing..my DIGI EDGE is working..
6. Stereo A2DP is supported .Tested with iTech Blueband Strereo Headset
7. The Waveform Theme is back!! My previous v4 vanilla dont have this theme
8. FOTA (firmware over the air)
9. when u open the picture gallery, the zoom button is more usable. you can zoom up to 400%. Just use the middle button to zoom in and zoom out.
10. I manage to pair the HOLUX GPS M1000 with my N73 but the smart2go software (http://www.smart2go.com/) wont be able to use and detect this device.!!! Damn it..they have not fix this bugs.... i really dont understand...the phone can pair with it so the smart2go software should be able to use it too!!!!

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