Friday, January 11, 2008

How to check Shutter Count in Olympus E-3

1. Turn on the power switch
2. Open CF card door
3. Press "menu" and "OK" buttons simultaneously
4. Press the menu nav arrow arrow buttons in the following sequence:
- WB (Up)
- ISO (Down)
- Metering Icon (Left)
- AF (Right)
5. Press the shutter release
6. Press menu nav buttons menu nav buttion AF (Right) again

Page 2 screen will appear, R.......stands for the shutter count.

Page 1:
L - lens code
F - flash code

Page 2:
R - counts the number of shutter activations
S - counts the number of times a flash was fired.
C - counts the number of times the mirror has been locked up (cleaning mode).
U - number of times the camera has been turned on (and the ultrasonic wave cleaner activated).
V - counts two operations: [1] number of times the mirror has been locked up in Live View, and [2] number of times the AEL button has been used to auto focus while in Live View

Page 3:
CS - camera serial number

MCS - Is the same as the "Internal Serial Number" recorded in the EXIF data of pictures recorded with the camera. The 16-digit number contains a variety of information. Here is what we understand so far:
Digits 1-4 represent the camera model. 4001 = E-1, 4007 = E-300, 4011 = E-500, 4016 = E-330, and 4046 = E-510.
Digit 5 is the year of manufacture. For example, "3" equals year 2003.
Digits 6-7 represent the month of manufacturer. For example, "06" equals June.