Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canon 500D ISO 3200 shots and mini review.


The feel of this SLR is similar to Olympus E620. Which proof that canon is determine to make their SLR smaller and lighter just like sony.

The build in Auto mode is useful too. It let beigneer choose setting like macro, sport and potrait. but tat is so old..what is new is the video!! Ok taking video is simple..Selecting video mode will bring u to a live view mode and u need to press the record button to take video. However there is no CAF ...if there is a need to focus you need to press the */AE key. Taking video is becomming a norm lately with more manufacturer include the video function.

A battery grip would improve the overall feel as my hand is big and the SLR feel small without the battery grip. If you have small hand this is not an issue.

It uses SD card. I would say the LCD is impressive. Very good LCD. High ISO test is something i like to do with any new SLR. I always welcome better noise performance in any crop sensor SLR. In this new model the high ISO is incredible as you can see from the previous posted sample. However the only complain is the image is a bit tad soft which i suspect is due to the kit lens. Slap in an L lens and i believe this problem will be solve!!

Getting a gray unit from Japan which cost rm2800+- is really a bargain for this unit. However i am not poison :P i still in LUST with the Olympus EP-1 due to its size and form factor :)

ISO 3200 shots taken using Canon 500D with kit lens is impressive...

(double click on the image to enlarge..)
Thanks to the owner of this camera for letting me mess around with his new baby..

Macro mode

Potrait Mode

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