Friday, August 21, 2009

Ken rockwell now a canon fanboy?

Well i personally find his review on canon s90 point and shoot is very bias.

He did not even mention about Lx3!!

Does he know that S90 do not have the largest sensor in compacts? Lx3 is not dead yet!

The most outrageous statement is this:-

“3.) Full-Sized Image Sensor. Well, not really, but considering that other makers lie about their 4/3 system DSLRs and E-P1 PEN as having full sized sensors (they are really only have quarter-sized), I’m saying “full sized sensor” here to light up the fact that the S90 and G11 have the biggest sensors of any compact cameras I’ve seen.”

4/3 is indeed a full size sensor for 4/3 system. period. If i really want to make a bias statement i can say FF system is not a full sized sensor. Medium format camera do.

anyway fuck it, i was never a fan of ken rockwell.. maybe he sucks cause canon n nikon did not provide a similar offering like the PEN.

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