Sunday, August 16, 2009

Olympus EP-1 Review - Usability

Tested the Olympus EP-1 this weekend for usability.

1. Usability in use EP-1 in low light
I notice that claims regarding Olympus PEN (EP-1) unable to focus in low light is rediculous..They expect to focus in very low light using a f3.5 kit lens!! wtf!! if they bother to read more about photography concept they will start to realise that f3.5 is too slow for all these type of low light thingy.

i perform a test in a completely dark room using available light from the street light. Well as expected focusing using the kit lens is useless.. f3.5 us just too slow..Then i switch to use the Zuiko digital 12-60 f2.8-4

Then i tried with Panasonic Leica summilux 25mm f1.4 . Wow i can also focus in a room where it is near pitch black!!!And voila like magic i can shoot without any issue!!

Here are the images from the test.

2.Can i use in under hot sun 12 noon?

Some claim that under very bright sun light especially noon the LCD is unsable. Therefore i purposely go out and shoot at 12pm where the sun is directly above my head. Well to be honest to frame using the LCD is not an issue. But to be able to do manual focusing with it is impossible. And i am performing these test with the LCD facing the sun! And the verdict? Yes u can use EP-1 under bright sun light!! Screw those idiots who have not even tried that before and try to speculate based on the spec on paper!

3. Is the menu confusing?
The menu is very straight forward if u read the fucking manual. A lot of idiot who are using canon n nikon claim that this is the worst menu ever created but to an olympus user like problemo.. The real root cause? is related to human behaviour.. if u are used to write using your right hand once i ask u to write with left hand u will be handicap..Same issue here..the mentality to learn a new menu system is important. If you are reluctant to accept something new and wanna stick to canon or nikon menu system then i suggest look elsewhere..dont get a PEN

4. Can it auto focus with all my 4/3 lens?

Well yes i can autofocus with all my 4/3 lens using the MMF-1 adapter. And to Olympus user this is a plus plus...!!!

Here are some sample images i taken during the weekend.. Some of them using the art filter from the PEN

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