Sunday, November 22, 2009

Olympus EP-2 Gathering in Malaysia

We are invited to Royal Selangor Pewter in Setapak for the Olympus EP2 Gathering.(more like a prelaunch thingy)

1. Venue 4/5 (too far)
2. Food 5/5 (the cafe food is superb. Hagen Diaz ice cream. rum + raisin is yummy.)
3. Experience 4/5 (they loan us the EP2 to shoot. too bad no babes to shoot)

My view on Ep2

1. The Diorama effect is superb. Good for photoshop noob like me. Any tom dick and harry cna produce a tilt shift lens effect.

2. The viewfinder is incredible. Very large and crispy. however viewfinder + EP2 make the overall look not cool. I still prefer the ala EP1 overall vintage look.

3. The AF is not improve in any way. I still feel that both Ep2 and EP1 AF speed is the same.

4. Price ?? is a turn off.. You are paying extra for the view finder.

5. The color shift effect is cool too. another nice add on to the art filter


I would not dump my EP1 for the EP2

Disclaimer.:- All image taken using Olympus Ep-2 is using a pre production unit and firmware. So the quality might not be that good. My comment on the AF is also based on this pre production unit. Therefore the final unit might have faster AF or better IQ


calvin said...

How much is the price in RM?

Lucifer said...

rm3999 for ep2+14-42+viewfinder
rm3999 for ep2+17mm + viewfinder

so is basically rm1k more expensive than ep1

DrJason said...

The viewfinder looks horrible!!! It's the best Olympus can think off??? wat's real dissapointment here...