Wednesday, June 2, 2010

eRoda GPS Device E-V5

Here is my mini review on the eRoda GPS Device E-V5

This unit is power with Windows CE. At first glance the body is very thin n sleek..the build is quite good i would say for the price...

The papago software that come default with the eRoda GPS was in Chinese language. When i try to change the language to English a windows CE fatal error come out.. WTF din;t they do any quality control on this unit?

The video player is good for low quality video. Pump in a normal avi file which is 700mb in size..the video player will stutter and lag..unplayable.

The mp3 player is ok but the speaker is terrible.perhaps using an earphone would solve the problem

Pic player is so so.. i was hoping for a HD type of display since there is a HD word in front of is not HD

The only good thing is the gps software igo work out of the box and i can manage to change the language to english without any issue..but i donno if the map for Malaysia can be easily available or not.

the verdict is buy this unit if you are very IT savvy and dont mind about no support from vendor.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Have you tried to change the GPS path in this device.
"settings(systems) > navi path > SDMMC > .exe(map software)"

If you can do that you can install different software.
Please chack that i also want to find out that.