Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiio E11 Portabla Amplifier Review

This is not a professional review of the Fiio E11 like what Clieos did. I am not an audiophille. I just wanna share my findings and opinion on this FiiO E11 portable headphone Amplifier.
This amp cost me rm222 . According to the seller it is a prebook pricing.

I still remember my first portable amp is the Fiio E5 which look like ipod shuffle. I was really happy with Fiio E5 cause it make my dull Klipsch Custom-1 alive!! In lair man add bass to my custom-1

I did not buy any designer headphone or earphone after the klipsch custom-1 purchase, well i dont consider Roccat Kave to be a audiophille headphone :P..

Recently this year i was introduce to Superlux HD668B , HD681 and HD381. These cheap china headphone really shock me cause it sound better than some of the audiophile grade headphone on the market..

Ops i sidetrack.. ok let me get back to Fiio E11. It come with an aluminium casing. Very minimalist design on the outside. No fancy advertisement..

As you can see there is a knob here which serve as an on off switch as well as volume control. Beware cause turning it to the max level can make you deaf!!!
this is the size of it in comparison to the iphone 4. As you can see i did use the iphone 4 as my source via Fiio L3 as the LOD to connect to E11. With this setup you cannot control the volume via iphone 4 but via the e11. However i notice something strange. You can still change the EQ setting on the iphone 4!! Weird weird...
This is my usual setup Superlux Hd681 + iphone4 + Fiio E11/L3

Superlux Hd681 is a bassy and fun headphone. It is not as dull as some studio headphone. But it still retain the mid and high though the mid and high is not as pronounce as HD668B. Pairing this headphone with E11 make the bass sound more punchy...! and the overall sound is smoother..However using E11 on the Hd668B give me very lil difference..maybe i will retest this later..

It comes with a band and 3.5 to 3.5 connector. It also have a usb charging cable which is not in this pic. sorry..:P
This is the inner part of the E11.
Wow neatly packed inside the E11..i like the clean layout.
Another eye candy on E11
The volume knob aka on/off switch
I notice you can switch the E11 to high power or lower power mode. You have to remove the battery to see this. I leave it at High power and i believe it will suck more battery power in this mode..

I think one of the smartest move is to use a nokia battery . Cause it is easily replaceable..but wtf!! 800mAh is just too lil..come on Fiio...
This is how the internal part look like.

The design of the battery cover is flawed. It leaves a minor gap on the unit when close.
Yeah it is made in China. No problem my Sony PS3 is also made in China.
This is the usb charging port. While charging you cannot use the E11. Kind of lame. hopefully they fix this in the future..
The in and out port. and the volume knob. Becarefull while handling the volume knob cause it can be really loud. I think a volume limiter function should be implement.
The Gain high low and the EQ 0 1 2 which simply mean no bass, more bass, plenty of bass!!
The Gain is equivalent to my car kenwood headunit loudness function. It increase the loudness. I prefer the gain setting at Low. And my prefered EQ setting is 2.


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Nice. Just ordered 1 myself from E1 - AKG. Will be receiving it soon.

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