Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jays V-Jays

Jays V-Jays is a new open portable headphone from Jays made in Sweden.
This phone is bright with good high and mid. The bass is there but not as punchy as Superlux HD661 or AKG K430 but the good thing is the bass is well controlled and dont creep over to the mid and high region.

By default it comes with a pair of extra earpad cover but it did not come with a headphone pouch..wtf..even a cheap Superlux HD572 come with an earphone pouch.

In term of size and weight and comfort..i think the V-jays win over my sennheiser HD238, AKG K430 and Superlux HD572.

In term of design it has the most minimalist look. Minimalist can be bad or good..Is either you hate it or love it..

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