Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thong Sia Sdn Bhd have lousy customer service. -Resolved!

I would say Thong Sia Sdn Bhd which is the authorise Seiko disti in Malaysia have one of the worst customer service i ever seen. When you send in a watch for repair. Do take note that the customer service will mark everything as "scratch" by default. It does not matter if your watch is sparkling new. It is their method to cover up in case their technician screw up.

My unit was send in to the service center to repair the internal parts because i have left it in my drybox for 5 years and it has stop working. Talk about bad quality...cheh...
Then when i collect my unit bad i was angry because they damage my watch Bezel. To make matter worst they claim i have damage all the 3 area on the Bezel on my own before i send in my unit..!! But the job sheet clearly did not spot this when i first send it. And for god sake how do i strategicly corrode/dent/scratch 3 specific area on my Bezel only where the rest of the area in the Bezel is like sparkling new??

This is going to be my last Seiko watch. For Malaysian outthere stay away from Seiko. Just to share another story. I also witness a guy who bring in his Seiko Kinetic watch. The longer pointer/wand/needle will jerk/vibrate when it pass through the 12 o clock and the service center refuse to take it in because they claim that the user hand is too big and this cause this to happen! WTF..is the lamest excuse i ever heard. So guys/gals you are better off with other watch brand..Seiko Malaysia is hopeless/lousy and it sucks...


I receive an email from Thong Sia and they agree to replace the case for my watch. Appreciate that. Problem solved..

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