Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BBE SonicMax Pro Review

For those who do not know what the hell is BBE it is basically a digital sound processing technology which improve audio quality without compromising the music quality or SQ.

This is what i get from their official website "BBE’s patented technology restores the natural warmth, clarity and definition that have been missing from your digital listening experience. Rediscover the thrill of deeper richer lows, superior clarity and definition, increased upper harmonic detail and better overall audio performance regardless of the quality of your earphones, dock, or speakers. The SonicMax Pro difference will blow you away."

Currently some mainstream digital audio player like cowon or the extinct Cube C30 or Hippo Gumstick has the BBE EQ build in. Some has sing praises to it claiming that it will bring out the details such as the hi hats and cymbals sound that they never be able hear before. When BBE launc the Sonix Mac Pro on ITunes i was thinking why not give it a try on my Apple iphone 4 to see if it is really that good or not. Shown below are the interface of the Sonic Max Pro.

Music Quality is a hit and miss. Out of the box i cant get a perfect match with my Superlux IEM HD 381 or Hippo Pearl. I have to do a lot of experiment and tweaking to get my perfect match. At the wrong setting it will distort the SQ especially the bass. Even the website claim that it would not distort the music but based on my experience. It will... I have email their tech support, hopefully they will come out with a fix for it. I am also hoping they will pump in more preset instead of the 4 preset, earphone, headset, speaker, docking station.

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