Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The quest for ultimate gaming Desktop for people on budget!

Recently i wanted to start a project. I am looking for a potent computer to do my work such as running vmware with multiple OS, to play game like Diablo and StarCraft and to edit photo. At first i wanted to get an ultimate laptop just like my previous Alienware M11x. But then my wise wife ask me a question, with the same amount of money would you get a better performance computer if i buy a desktop instead..Well yeah she is basically right. To cut cost i should opt for a desktop. I begin my journey by exploring HP PC. Most of the desktop is expensive and have crappy GPU configuration. Most of the time you cant even upgrade the spec. Dell is better but still not good enough. Then i decided to build my own mean machine. I ended with these spec. 1. CPU - i5 3570 (3.4 Ghz which can easily OC to 4 Ghz is good enough for almost all application and games. Anything more than this i think is overkill) 2. RAM - 8G 1600Mhz RAM x 2 (16GB RAM is more than sufficient) 3. GPU - Asus Geforce GTX680 DirectCU ii OC Edition ( Initially i wanted to get GTX670 TOP Edition but end up with this card. The extra core shader and better OC headroom should pay off in the future) 4. Motherboard - Asus P8 Z77-V-LX (The function call Virtu MVP and a software to auto OC is cool) 5. Casing - HAF 912 Advance (3 large 120mm fan at the top , front and back is good enought to keep the system cool. Red LED is an added eye candy) 6. Mushkin 800W power supply ( 800W has enough juice cause i wont do heavy OC in the CPU) 7. A standard DVD writer.
Here is all the boxes! So here i am with a system which could easily score above 9600 in stock mode and more than 11k point if OC in 3DMark 11
Just look at the awesome score!! It may not be the best score but if you calculate the Cost per Performance factor, it is worth every penny.

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