Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HiSound Nova N3

The NOVA-N3 is 3 in 1 HiFi grade music player. Made up of a high resolution DAC + an individual earphone amplifier + HiFi grade earphones, it is truely revolutionary. The N3 has 4 times the power output of the general mp3 players around and so can fully power the earphones to all potentials. The N3 comes with 3 pairs of high quality earphones which can let you appreciate a variety of different music genres. The N3 will make you enjoy the sweet music the way every true audiophile does.

The Nova is a revolutionary product. It is a "three designs in one” player that possesses the best decoder, best amplifier and best earphones you can get for your money. It is the one-stop solution, wherein Hisoundaudio's well known audio expertise has been put to good use to enable you to enjoy the best of the music you love. The superior resolution makes the music extremely detailed. The very high fidelity allows you to experience the real texture of the sound you are listening to. The much higher output power gives the music vigor and dynamism. Included in the package are three pairs of earphones, which we feel will help to cover every genre of music more precisely. Whether you listen to rock, vocal, classical or other music styles, you can savor details and nuances in any of them.

The Nova is a 3-in-1 audiophile-grade playing system. It has an amazing built-in earphone amplifier, is an excellent mp3 player and comes with earphones that will surpass the best stock buds in the world. The exclusive mini earphone amplifier in the Nova is about 5 times more powerful than those normally supplied with mp3 players. This increase in output power gives the Nova the widest soundstage and confers a very three-dimensional scale to your music.

Also, the powerful musical signal gives your earphones the power they need to meet their potential. They will present great details of the sound with excellent separation of instruments. The bass will be solid and deep, the mids lush and detailed and the highs extremely smooth and extended. The Nova rewards careful auditioning; it sounds sonically and musically engaging. Paired with the renowned earphone, the PAA-1, you can get the setup you dream of straight out of the box. With this system you can appreciate every nuance and detail of the music, which other players miss. The music is sweet and silky without any fatigue, even after extensive listening. With its advanced touch keypad and slim body, The Nova is one stylish player. Add in the recording function and superior radio, and you have an amazingly accomplished and versatile player.

The unprecedented sound quality outperforms any other general use player and it will become the next generation’s player of choice. Nova will lift your music into the audiophile league. The Nova 3 has 30% higher out put power than the Nova 1, which makes it compatible with almost all earphones. Whatever earphone you have, you’ll never have to consider another player. The Nova comes with the famous earphone, the PAA-1, and two other hi-fi grade earphones. Having high quality earphones doubles the Nova 3’s already excellent value. This is the first player to come with different genres of earphones. With these handpicked earphones pairing with the player, you can get the most accurate music of any style.

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