Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Choosing the right paint coating for you car - Nano Brite

Seriously when i bought my new car the first thing that comes to my mind is how do i protect my new car? How do i prevent the paint surface of the car from oxidization and scratches?

I did search the local automotive industry and i found out most of the coating is either made of Silica SiO2, teflon such as PPS or Titanium Oxide TiO2

Among these 3 technology SiO2 has the most glossy effect but with hardness of 5H. I was told Teflon is old technology. TiO2 has the highess hardness up to 12H and yet is very glossy too.

Another advantage of TiO2 is it can also bind to plastic (head lamp), rubber and chrome area giving a total protection.

So my wife asked why do i need paint coating when the car is already shining!

At first glance, the original paint is glossy enough.

 But if you inspect closer under the yellow light...Ewwww...so many fine scratches. It almost made my heart sink.!!! How can my new car has so many fine scratches!!!!!

I decided to give En Mazri a call. He is from Nano Brite Sdn Bhd and he claim he have a solution for me. I was given a brief technical briefing on what is TiO2, how it works, the process and what to expect from it. After agreeing to the pricing (which depend on the size of your car) and workflow the show begins.

Nano Brite (M) Sdn Bhd
71G Block 15, Jalan Pahat K 15/K,
Dataran Otomobil, Seksyen 15,
40200 Shah Alam
Tel: 0355240212
Fax: 03 55238545

I was lucky enough to have the Master himself to work on my new car. We have breakfast together at 9 am and the actual work commence on 10 am. He is a man of perfection and it means...need more time but is ok for me as i also want it done right the first time.

The Master do not compromise on quality and that is why he used the best solution available in the market. Most of these ingredient is not cheap. Eg a 3M Rubbing Compound and a new polish foam from Japan.

I will leave the talking to the pictures shown below. My car is not yet completed yet as it needs 72 hours to really harden before it goes for final finishing touch. But i just want to share how glossy it is and areas which the TiO2 is being applied for protection.  I will post more photos of the final finishing touch later :)

You can double click on the pictures for high resolution picture. :) Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Mind to share how easy to maintain after kena dirty after rain, can just rinse with clear water and wipe dry ka without leaving swirl or water mark?

Lucifer said...

So far i just rinse with water and some mild shampoo. No water mark. But swirl mark is there but very very tiny and it is there or not depends on the cloth you use.. :) sometime i lazy take microfiber cloth and cause the swirl mark

Anonymous said...

Rinseless / Waterless Auto Wash Concentrate


Requires very little pressure to remove dirt and helps in prolong the life of the coating

Adam Hill

DK said...

Hi, can i know how is the coating after 2 years of usage? is the glossy look still there? how is the water beading like, and does it still last? and how about scratch?

Lucifer said...

My advice is all these coating is bullshit.. U will lose the shine in months.. These include other coating in the market too

DK said...

thanks for the honest feedback