Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Olympus E-510

Finally i got my first digital SLR. I chosen the olympus E-510 over canon EOS 400d and Nikon D40x because it has live view and built in IS. This is kinda cool.

My first impression is it just fit nicely into my hand..not too heavy and not too light. The auto mode with some preset scene setting make using this SLR so easy..

Hmm A lot of people ask me why Olympus...

1. Liveview (damn useful for macro and IR photography)
2. Build in IS (i foresee in few more years to come the lens will be much cheaper (compare with C or N lens with IS or VR) than c n n...but donno will come true or not)
3. I am new and dont have any existing lens..i can afford to start any new system i want..
4. i know canon n nikon got lots of system upgrade but how many of us can afford those cutting edge lens..? majority will buy 400d or 40x and stuck with their kit lens...after knowing they have to fork out a fortune for a IS or VR lens...

Product specs..


I have two sample pictures taken using Auto mode. here it is.

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