Friday, August 24, 2007

Setting for camera to take firework pictures

I would like to share some setting which i use in my Olympus E-510 to take those fireworks shot..

1. iso 100
2. manual focus set to infinity (my fren using canon s3 set to autofocus ruin all his shot!)
3. 4s to 8s (dont be mistakenly set to 1/4 if u r using nikon d40x as what happen to my fren)
4. F8-F11
5. Noise Reduction must be on for olympus camera (i learn this the hard way)
6. Tripod
7. Remote Control ..if dont have also nevermind just be smooth when u press the shuttle

Those are the main things to look out for..With those setting you can definitely get 1 or 2 usable shot..

good luck..


lance said...

Cool shots! I like the reflection on the water.

Lucifer said...

Heheh thanks..but i am still solving the hot pixel problem on my camera..according to some forumer this is normal if you set the exposure to 20 s without any noise reduction activated...sigh..i am letting olympus technician to check on this..