Monday, July 21, 2008

Haha fanboy from dpreview can;t get enough of Oly!!

The fanboy from dpreview just can;t get enough of beating that he decided to become a fan of my blog..

and his nickname in dpreview is sigsegv
this user flickr is here:- flickr:

his email is here :

it all started here when his canon junk was pawn badly and he keep on barking like a dog claiming that his 40d is indeed a superior slr..what a sick boy..

ops i forgot you are a fanboy with just the basic 400d and yet defended the 40d..oh does not matter canon fanboy on which model u have..


Slava said...
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Lucifer said...

yup it fit the canon fanboy criteria.. owning a pathetic 400d and yet trying to proves the superiority of his junk in my blog..get a life...go wank yourself ..i dont really care..u are not welcome here..dont u have any shame..oh well i guess not..