Friday, August 20, 2010

Chinese-speaking Malay DJ in trouble . Jamal

PETALING JAYA: Popular 98.8 FM DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim has been asked to go on leave after receiving a letter from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Known as Jamal to his fans, the DJ hosts the “Say Hi to Malaysia” morning programme from Monday to Friday.

“I was notified by the management yesterday evening to take leave for the present,” he told FMT, adding that his leave was “indefinite”.

Jamal said the radio station received a letter from the MCMC which carried a complaint about his programme.

“The letter said that my comments have influenced the security of the country. (It also said) my comments on race relations were not acceptable,” he added.

Asked if he knew why a complaint was filed, Jamal replied, “I really don't know. The MCMC didn't mention (if there was) something wrong.”

The DJ has been asked to report to the MCMC's office in Cyberjaya tomorrow morning.

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I am not sure why this is happening. All he merely do every morning is to discuss about the current RAKYAT issue. Those issue is very real . Muting the DJ does not change the fact that those issue discuss by him is gone...

Talking about issue i also have a lot to bring up like:-

1. We have so many speed trap and traffic summon and yet the number of accident do not go down? Yeah a few percent does not count. I am talking about exponential drop in traffic accident by ways of educating and not via setting up road block everywhere which deter car to even travel more than 40kmh in high way during festive season.

2. Everytime we are given a summon notice but where is the proof. The proof should be attached. Why the need to go and verify if the summon is valid or not by the citizen. this system can be easily improve.

3. Why so many illegal business in Malaysia like illegal DVD. If i can easily spot 1 or 2 booming illegal DVD seller , why not the police?

>> Latest update on Jamal and the gang.. The channel is remove. All DJ on that channel is no longer there..hmm where are they? Please come back. We support you.

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Anonymous said...

If the management of 988 does not have wisdom, PLEASE DONT BE the management at all, PENAKUT ???

Check, check & check before any action.

Also our PM stress that RAKYAT DI UTAMAKAN, pls respect the rakyat !!!