Friday, August 13, 2010

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7

If you want to install windows movie maker in windows 7 just download from


By default Windows 7 does not include any video editing software. The feature of this software includes:-

Make a movie quickly and easily

Automatically turn your videos, photos, and music into a great movie. AutoMovie adds a title, credits, transitions, and effects, and fits it all together for you.

Improved editing

Customizing your movie is simple with easy-to-use editing tools. Trim your video clips to show only the parts you want. Add titles, transitions, music, and effects like panning and zooming.

Make your photos come to life

You don't need video to make a movie. Make great-looking slide shows using your photos and music, and Movie Maker's editing tools. As the music plays, watch your photos glide across and zoom in to show close-ups of the stars in your movie.

Web publishing

Publish your movie on YouTube right from Movie Maker. Or share your movie with friends and family in a variety of other ways—including DVD.*

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