Friday, November 19, 2010

Butterfly Park KL - E3 vs E-P2. Part1

This is my first visit to butterfly park..not much species can ba found there ..only the few common the famous rajah brooke. The park was quite run down..ponds with death not what exactly i have in mind..

Macro of a butterfly wing

This is their food.

My gear of the day is Olympus E-3 + Zuiko digital 70-300 vs Olympus E-P2 + Zuiko digital 50mm f2.0
And also a FL-50R flash to share among these 2 setup.

Both are macro lens giving 1:2 magnification. It is not so bad carrying these 2 setup cause e-p2 is quite light.

Some claim that the butterfly is fast and constantly moving..but the real trick in capturing their photo is to know them. Butterfly in the farm feeding time is at around 9 am in the morning. You will notice more of them come and feed on the nectar more frequent compare to let say 12pm. So even if you are arm with a Olympus PEN with slow AF you can still get a decent picture of the butterfly.

Just like chinese strategem always say.."To win the war , know your enemy" . You do not need a full frame camera and a SLR with world fastest AF. In fact using FF SLR for macro is a lil bit disadvantage because of the DOF.

This round i am going to post those pictures capture using PEN E-P2 + Zuiko 50mm f2.0. Focussing is tricky. I have to set the AF point to single point cause using multipoint will confuse the camera into focusing the leaves or flower instead of the butterfly. single AF point with S-AF is fine. I did try manual focussing and it is not too bad..with the large LCD it is easy but unfortunately i did not bring any tripod and my shaky hand did not help i stick back to Auto focus.

Caterpillar. before they become a butterfly...


This grasshopper is an attention obviously he will be in my hitlist too!

The famouse rajah brooke species feeding on the nectar

If you double click on this image and view the large file you will notice how furry they are...

Well thats about the next post i will show you the images capture using E-3. You might spot the difference in IQ or even other small areas . Please wait for my next post and you shall see how E3 vs E-P2 in tern of the ability to capture the so call "decisive" moment.

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