Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pre MTV Shout Award

Hehe manage to catch the blogger boys star in cineleisure... i think they are having some event on the Pre MTV shout Award by 8TV. I did not have my SLR with me..lucky the trusty Olympus E-P2 is in my i set it to iso1000 or iso1600 with my 50mm f2.0 lens and start shooting ....

this guy need no introduction...:P the blogger boy (Qi Qushairi)

This is Julie Hoi once dub one of the most sexy car model in Malaysia. After she venture into show biz she change her name to Julie woon and now she is back with Julie Hoi..well no need to be confuse both are the same person..

Err i am not a fan of local music so i donno who they are but their music is good.

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