Saturday, June 4, 2011

Every Apple Ipad need this gadget !!

Do you own an Apple Ipad. Have you wonder why this god damn piece of device do not have a usb port or SD card slot? Do you wonder how can you read content and copy content from Apple Ipad to usb thumbdrive.?

All you need is a Ipad Camera connection kit. This thing come with 2 with usb port and another with SD card reader.

You gonna need the one with usb port. Plug it into your Ipad. Plug in a thumbdrive and the stupid Ipad will tell ya device not supported and stuff like that. Just dismiss that stupid error message. Launch iFile and your device is mount under var/mnt/device1

Ok if your usb thumbdrive get an error saying not enough voltage or something like that..go get yourself another usb thumbdrive which does not use a lot of power... i cant tell you which brand but i just found out the one given by trend micro as a free gift works well with my ipad!!

Well for those ipad 2 owner..too bad..cause if you cant jailbreak your device you aint gonna get Ifile and so you cant use a thumbdrive like i do...hahahha i dont know why i feel so evil..

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Anonymous said...

You are evil, and I laughed as well.

Friend in Lisbon