Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paid Reviewer = Retard !! Nokia BH-505 the worst headphone ever..

I bought a set of Nokia Bh-505 bluetooth headset after i read the review on


The fucking reviewer lie about the bluetooth headset. I am not sure how much nokia paid this idiot to lie. Perhaps this blog is own by nokia.,

Here are the reasons why i say it is not good.

1. The sound quality sucks.. no bass at all.
2. The iem fitting is crap. You can hardly fit the IEM onto your ear properly. That translate to very very poor sound.
3. The fitting is not comfortable. It get loose and fall off easily
4. The material is cheap. Break easily
5. Sould quality of microphone sub standard..lousy

Please stay away from this lousy nokia bluetooth headset. Nokia BH-505 Sucks !! Shame to all the reviewer who lie about how good this headset is..

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