Friday, August 17, 2012

Review on Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950

Ok Buddies..I am trying to do a research on the 114A Act which discriminate most of the internet user me do a brainstorming session on why this law is shitty, how it can be abuse and recommendation to fix it...

This is what is 114A >>>

Here is why i think this law is shitty.

1. We are automatically guilty and we have to prove our innocence but how many of us have the technical capability to prove we are not guilty? This require deep technical know how. Eg how do you prove other people have hack into your ipad?

2. All those free wifi provider will stop providing service cause if the user post something bad the wifi provider will be in deep shit and guilty.

...3. If you have a forum or web site and you enable comment, ppl comment on your page then you are guilty!!!

How it can be abuse?

1,. You can hack into your enemy computer and post malicious stuff and he is doom!! A good hacker knows how to cover track and it is impossible for this poor victim to trace back what happen!!!

Recommedation to fix it?

1. This law should be put on hold and more research need to be conducted with more participants from IT Security professional

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