Monday, August 13, 2012

Y3000 World Smallest Mini Camcorder 720p Review

I am going to do a review on Y3000 World Smallest Camera/Camcorder in a flashy style. I hate lengthy bullshit and i will go straigh to the point. You may like my style or u dont.

Behold the world smallest SLR!! Y3000 Mini Camcorder.

This camera has the following specification:-

1. Video Resolution: 1280x720@30fps
2. video Compression: MPEG4
3. File format AVI
4. Photos Resolution 3264x2448
5. Micro SD support max 32gb
6. Interface USB2.0

Interface: -
external memory card -
 Build in microphone -
Build in Lithium battery -
One touch recording button. Instruction.

This unit is easy to use. Press the button one time and it will turn on with a constant blue light. to take pic press the button one more time and the blue led blink 1 time. to take video press the button and hold 2 second. the led wil blink continuosly and press the button again to stop.

Dont bother using this thing as a webcam cause it would not work as advertise. The function taking video while charging is buggy. Sometimes it work and sometimes it dont. The microsd card i use for testing is class 4 and the video is kinda of choppy. Use a class 6 above card for smoother video. The battery can last 40 minutes per one hour charge.

You can buy this unit from

Sample Video here

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