Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Star Live Concert in Bukit Jalil

The stage

Preparing party gadgets...

Went to Bt Jalil Star Live Concert. The moment of truth came. I would like to see how Olympus Ep1 + Zuiko Digital 70-300 perform in a concert like this. The setup is pretty much mobile. I put Ep1 in one of my pocket and ZD 70-300 in another..Flawless!!

I was standing very far from the stage. with the usual kit lens 14-42 there is no way i can take a pic of my fav singer. But with 70-300 it can make the difference.

Focusing is ok. fast enough for me to capture the action. Low light? surprisingly not an issue.

Kelly Chen doing one of the dance routine.

The setting for EP-1

I was using manual mode. Shutter speed around 1/300 and fx x= watever fastest speed i have. metering = spot iso = 1600

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