Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 mini review

Performance 5/5
I just install Microsoft Windows 7 on my Celeron desktop and i can say it is superb! The performance of the operating system is much more better than Vista Ultimate.

Installation experience 5/5
Installation is smooth. No error and all drivers is automatically installed.

Application compatibility 4/5

So far all my application like vlc lanplayer, warcraft III works fine.

Virtualization 3/5

I notice Virtual PC 2007 is not supported in Windows 7 but i can install and use it without any issue. However there is some noticable performance issue. The default Virtual XP mode and the new Virtual PC for Win 7 cannot be install on my machine cause it says my hardware dont support virtualization. It sucks. Why cant microsoft learn from Vmware

Media player 4/5

The new media player can play avi/divx file out of the box however i notice some pixelization on some of my movies. I tried with VLc player and the result is the same. I guess it must be some codec issue.

Wireless connectivity 5/5

I can connect to my Belkin wireless AP effortlessly

Dreamscene is disable by default. Perhaps microsoft realize this crappy feature sucks too much processing CPU power. On a high end machine it is not a problem but running dreamscene on a celeron machine will use up to 40% of the CPU power. In Windows 7 the dreamscene feature is replace with a wallpaper changer. U select your photo collection and set the timer to change the pic based on your preset interval.

Aero glass is supported even on my low end shared build in Intel graphic card.

If you have an old piece of hw like me and it struggle to run on Vista, i suggest u downgrade to Windows XP or upgrade to Windows 7. Your life would be much more better.!

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