Thursday, December 17, 2009

Olympus Malaysia Service Center Sucks !

i send in my unit to Olympus Malaysia to change the PCB on the HLD 4. However upon receiving back this unit from Olympus Malaysia. I was shocked to see the screw at the bottom look rusty! I was told that my sweaty hand will cause this but i am sure the screw is not in this condition when i send my unit in. And i am shocked that the screw from HLD4 can rust so easily? Isn;t it supose to be weatherseal unit and i expect some sort of quality to the product.

Take a look at the screw here:-

Mr Leong agree to order the screw for me and i know the rusty screw is very subjective and hard to argue. I am beginning to wonder how much such screw cost? would it be simpler if you guys just replace the screw and charge me. I will be willing to pay for it. Furthermore if Olympus Malaysia is generous to organize event such as the EP2 gathering in Selangor Pewter, i cant see why a few screw cant be taken care of..

The gap and scratch mark leave behind when the technician ply open the hld4 is simply can't be ignorable.
The gap is big enough for water drips or moisture to sip in and my question is whether my unit is still weather seal after this service? I am not sure the proper tool is being used or not when they open up the hld 4. Such big gap should not be present in a so call weather seal battery grip unit.

look at the gap and scratch mark leave behind sharp object when the hld4 is being open.

All the photos of my ruin HLD4 is located here. Make sure you click on all size and view at the max resolution to see how bad it is.:-

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