Saturday, May 16, 2009

Edifier MP210 2.0 Speaker Review.

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For desktop speaker..i would say Edifier offer you the best system without costing you a bomb.

My first Edifier speaker is the legendary Edifier S2.1D The sound from this speaker is superb..

I decided to get myself a portable small 2.0 speaker. The first thing that come across my mind is the Edifier MP210 speaker. Dont be fool by this small speaker. It offer you crystal clear clarity sound. Bass is acceptable but not something to shout about. The strong point of this speaker is the mid and high range.

It gives you to option for the power..use USB port or external power supply.. But be warn using USB as power option will give distortion at MAX volume..

Dont even compare this speaker with the sonic gear Uforia 3 cause lets put it this way..Edifier MP210 is like the mini cooper and if you can afford a mini cooper you can always get a Suzuki Swift which is just like getting Sonic Gear Uforia3

Compare to my Creative TravelSound 200 this speaker is also beat the crap out of it..

One thing i dont like is the speaker do not come with a cover and portable carrying case..the cover that they provide is a full plastic cover which mean if you want to use it u need to take it out..why cant they just provide something like a mesh wire cover type..

Well listening Fish Leong music from my Nokia N85 to this MP210 is unbelievable.... You will feel as if you are listening music from a Mini Hifi system.. But if you are those bass freak then this is not the speaker for you..

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Sounds a little weird, but the review seems to be quite helpful) thx