Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My turtle turn into a serial killer..

My turtle has turn into a serial killer..at first he kill fish..which i am still ok cause they are their natural prey..but this time he is too much!! i am damn piss off..

This time he turn into a DEMON... he kill his younger turtle companion..i saw it with my own eye...he chomp off the small turtle head..WTF!! yes i saw him BITE OFF the small turtle head!! there is nothing i can do..

Poor turtle..WTF ..head chomp off!!

I donno why my turtle is like tat..isn;t green turtle suppose to be a nice frenly creature...fuck the elders..fuck everyone for telling lies..green turle are not friendly at all..they are natural born DEMON...they kill and eat everything!!! yes everything...from plant..fake decorative stuff..stones..fish..shrimp..and now they even eat each other..

maybe i should punish these turtle..ROAST them perhaps?

The DEMON,,,


ET said...

your turtle seriouslu look like a DICK

Anonymous said...

since it likes to bite of turtle head, pls be careful with yours ;) do not go near naked...